You’ve activated my fap card

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You've activated my fap card

“You’ve Activated My FLIP Card!” | Uno Flip! – YouTube

31/03/2020  · Uno is probably the most competitive and friendship-ruining game out there so beware!Become Awesome: https://www.designb…

Urban Dictionary: You’ve activated my trap card

A stupid rhetorical phrase used in the 4Kids version of the anime YuGiOh, that makes most anime fans embarrassed to watch it. “You activated my trap card! A costly mistake!” Seriously…wtf!? Well, that’s what you get for watching an anime about a fraking card game.

“You’ve activated my trap card” : copypasta

You’ve fawwen into the cwassic bwundew But youw fauwt deft’ wasn’t at wandom. The chwomosomes you missed At biwth, weft fathew pissed. Fow pwastic in its pwace, spwits you, YOU, fwom my kingdom. And as a bwundew comes so do othew wowds, of simiwaw sum. Fow hewe’s a few, befowe I finish this fuedom: You baffoon, you baboon, You …

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[Copypasta] YOU’VE ACTIVATED MY ADS TRAP CARD | TwitchQuotes

39. twitchquotes: YOU’VE ACTIVATED MY ADS TRAP CARD YOU’VE ACTIVATED MY ADS TRAP CARD YOU’VE ACTIVATED MY ADS TRAP CARD. expand. twitch chat. click to copypasta. October 2017. TwitchPresents.


13/07/2017  · Your mother, I… Activated her.

ALUCARD – You’ve activated my Alu-CARD! – YouTube

11/07/2013  · Oh shame for you! You’ve activated my ALUCARD. All credit goes to TEAM FOUR STAR.

Trap Card GIFs | Tenor

you’ve activated my trap card. you activated my trap card. itsatrap. its a trap. akbar. trapped.

you’ve activated my trap card, shug : KingOfTheHill

Tell y’what man, talk ’bout, dang ol’ granpa’s deck man, it dang ol’, don’t got ‘ny, you know, dang ol’ pathetic cards man. This is checking a lot of boxes for me. Dale would definitely say “sh-sha” whenever you activate his trap card. Pocket trap card, shshsha! It’s time to D-D-D-DD DDDDDDDALE!

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