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Ynab credit card activity

Credit Card Activity – YNAB Help


30/08/2021  · This is primarily a tool for YNAB Support to diagnose issues, but if you’re curious about how that number in the Activity slot is calculated, here is a basic guide. Total Spending. The left-hand side of the Activity window tracks all activity that affects the credit card account’s working balance, except for payments. That part is handled by the right-hand side, as you will see later on.

How to Do Credit Cards in YNAB – You Need A Budget


08/01/2021  · When you add a credit card to YNAB, a Credit Card Payments Category is automatically created. Assign some money to your groceries category (using money you already have!). When you swipe your credit card to pay for the gum, enter a spending transaction for groceries in your credit card account.

Credit Card Activity is Negative – Credit Cards & Debt – YNAB …


I pay off my credit card each month and TRY to keep the available amount and the working balance for the credit card the same. It has gotten off though and I cannot figure it out. I accidentally made an autopayment of $85 to the credit card after I paid the balance in full this weekend, but that still doesn’t explain why the activity is negative and doesnt match any of the other numbers.

Credit Card Basics – YNAB Help – You Need A Budget


When you add a credit card to YNAB, a Credit Card Payment category is automatically created. It’ll get used in step three below. 2 Budget for your gum (using money you already have!) by assigning money to your Groceries category. 3 When you use your credit card to buy gum, enter a spending transaction in your credit card account.

Credit Cards: Budgeted vs Activity vs Available – YNAB Support …


Dani Devin If you didn’t have enough money in the Dog Care category (or whatever you’re calling it!) to cover the credit card expense, YNAB moved all the money in that category to the credit card payment category, and then let the Dog Care category go negative by the remaining amount. As of September 1, the Dog Care category will go back to zero and the balance will become credit card debt, which you’ll …

Credit Cards & Debt – YNAB Help


Credit Cards & Debt. Managing debt in your budget. … Changing a Liability Tracking Account to a Loan Account

Why does credit card activity make “available” green? : ynab


Use Credit Card to pay for extra charge. You are now -$10 and showing green on the credit card. Transfer funds / Pay credit card $10. You are now $0 and showing green on the credit card. Makes Jesse, and by extension nYNAB, cry: Have a credit card balance you are working on paying off. Have a vacation savings goal to visit a hotel room in 2017.

Budgeted vs activity – Credit Cards & Debt – YNAB Support Forum


YNAB moves money around in your budget to help you cover the amount due on your credit card. Did you spend $50 on your credit card in a category with budgeted funds? … where that money came from. For instance, let’s say you budget $50 towards Groceries. If you spend $50 on your credit card and categorize it as Groceries, YNAB moves $50 from your Groceries category to your credit card …

Cash Spending vs Credit Spending – Credit Cards & Debt – YNAB …


Interestingly enough when I drill down into my credit card activity the total spending is correct but the “Budgeted Spending” amount is incorrect. Like. Faness YNAB Team; Faness_YNAB; 3 yrs ago; … I struggled for over a year with the way YNAB handles credit cards and was often confused trying to untangle the mix of credit spending and cash spending in the same category. YNAB simply cannot …

Paycheck Deduction Loan Activity? – Credit Cards & Debt – YNAB …


Credit Cards & Debt I wanted to try out a Loan Account for my truck, which is financed with my work credit union and has bi-weekly payments directly deducted from my check. With a regular budget category, it was easy: I’d allocate enough in my monthly budget to cover the payments (with a bit extra to cover the 3-payment months).

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