How to Activate Walmart Money Card using /activate?

How to Activate Walmart Money Card using /activate?

Walmart Money Card Did you get a Walmart Money Card? It has to be activated between the 5th of January through April 30 the day 2021. To activate it, you may access the authorized page, i.e.,, and carry out the activation steps without any hassle.

Green Dot Bank, a trademark registered by Green Dot Corporation, issues the Walmart MoneyCard MasterCard. The firm offers MasterCard in accordance with an agreement with MasterCard International Incorporated. If you’re interested in getting access to the Walmart MoneyCard MasterCard be sure you’re over 18 Walmart Money Card.

Activate Walmart Money

How to Get or Apply for a Walmart Money Card?

Are you considering getting a Walmart MoneyCard and enjoy numerous benefits and perks? Great! You’ll have a safer and more convenient method to pay for your purchases than cash by acquiring a debit card with a prepaid card.

 In addition, you’ll receive cashback (3 percent cash back on and receive your money early through ASAP direct deposit and earn a 2% rate of interest for savings (APY) as well as free cash reloads, purchase debit cards for Walmart Money Card. your entire family members, transfer money from another account, with no monthly cost as well as live chats with our customer support.

You can make use of the Walmart MoneyCard at a Walmart store and then use the MoneyCard anywhere a VISA debit card is accepted. In the event that your card is lost or stolen, you must notify the police. They will then cancel the card and then send you a replacement.

To take advantage of these features and benefits all you need to do is apply for the MoneyCard. There’s no credit verification or bank account needed. If you want to take advantage of all the benefits mentioned above and more, then apply for a MoneyCard now. Here’s how to apply for one.

The most efficient way to obtain a Walmart MoneyCard is to make a request online to avoid any Card Issue Fee. The card will arrive within 7-10 days. It is also possible to purchase the Walmart MoneyCard at any check-out area at your local Walmart retailer for a $3 Card Issuance Cost. This fee will be charged to your account at the moment of the purchase Walmart Money Card.

  • Visit the official Walmart MoneyCard web portal 
  • Click on the button which says ” Sign up now.
  • You will be taken to a new page on which you have to provide certain details such as the following “First Name,” “Last Name,” “Address,” “Apartment or Unit#,” “Zip Code,” “Mobile Number,” “Email,” “Social Security Number,” and “Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY).”
  • All information will be checked So you must ensure that all of the above-provided information is accurate.
  • Check the box on the right side of “I agree to the Electronic Communications Agreement, the Cardholder Agreement, and the Privacy Policy.”
  • Additionally, check the box above “I accept to receive messages from automated marketing or text messages.” ….”
  • Hit the” Continue ” Continue” button.
  • It’s that simple!

Your card is sent to you within 7 – 10 days.

Access to Start Using Your New Walmart MoneyCard

After you’ve received your Walmart MoneyCard and you have it, it’s an ideal time to make sure you activate the card prior to when you can begin using it in a variety of stores. This activation process can be carried out online at the authorized web portal, i.e.,

  • Click here to go to the
  • It will then require you to input your credit card details on the form below.
  • Find the 16-digit number on the card and then enter them into the correct field.
  • Input the expiration date as well as CVV.
  • Click the “Next” or “ Next button and follow the online directions.
  • You’ll be able to activate your card within a few minutes.

After you have created accounts and activated the card, you are able to keep watch over all transactions you make with the Walmart MoneyCard. To do this, you need to sign in to your online account with your Online User ID as well as a Password. Click the “Log In” button, and voila!

Begin using your credit card today to earn the chance to win lots of other exciting prizes, such as the $1000 Grand Prize.

What are you waiting for? Go through this blog to start using Your Walmart MoneyCard without any hassle Walmart Money Card.

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