Union Bank Debit Card Activation

Union Bank Debit Card Activation

Just received a new debit card or ATM card from the Union Bank and eager to swipe your new debit card? Well, you will need to generate Union Bank ATM Card PIN in order to get your debit card ready to complete transactions.

The Union Bank despatches the debit card in an active condition, but the cardholders will need to complete the Union Bank Debit Card Activation process for using the debit card.

The bank used to send the debit card PIN along with debit card but now they used are keeping a system of Union Bank ATM Card PIN Generation to activate the debit card. The basic purpose of introducing Debit Card PIN Generation| Green PIN is to replace the Physical Paper PIN Number which was sent to cardholders as Go Green initiative to save Paper and time.


Union Bank ATM Card Activation

Requirements to generate Union Bank ATM PIN

  • Debit card and personal information
  • Registered mobile number to receive OTP

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Union Bank ATM Card Activation

It is necessary to have a debit card in your hand while generating a new PIN for your debit card. Keep your debit card, registered mobile phone handy and follow the debit card PIN generation steps shown below to generate IOB PIN now.

  • Step: 1. Visit any of the Union Bank ATMs nearby you and insert the debit card in the machine.

  • Step: 2. Choose the language of your preference and choose the “Generate Green PIN” option in your screen.

  • Step: 3. Take out the registered phone number and enter the OTP to verify your identity.

  • Step: 4. Choose a 4-digit PIN of your choice, re-enter the PIN and SUBMIT request in the end.

On completing the above steps at the ATM, you will receive a notification for the successful activation of your debit card on your screen or the registered phone number.

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Union Bank ATM PIN Activation tips, security suggestions

The registered cardholders from the Union Bank are always suggested to recheck the debit card by using again to make sure whether the card has been activated or not.

The registered debit cardholders are always suggested not to share the debit card PIN, online banking login credentials or any of the personal information related to the debit card or bank accounts.

If you are unable to generate Union Bank ATM Card PIN or can’t complete the Union Bank Debit Card Activation step then we might help you activate the debit card. Suggest your Union Bank ATM Card Activation issues below and get online help from us here at https://cardactivation.org/

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