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➤ You are making the Tree House Humane Society credit card payment, or do you want to log in to see your statement and manage your online account? Explore your options in this easy payment guide. 

➤ To pay online and manage your accounts, click the link below on this page to access the Tree House Humane Society credit card login. Tree House Humane Society Credit Card Payment

➤ There is also useful information on bill pay, such as the Customer Service Number for your credit card, the payment address for mailing, as well as the billing number.

Tree House Humane Society Credit Card Payment

➤ The Tree House Humane Society credit card is issued by UMB Financial Corporation. The majority of the payment options are offered by UMB. 

➤ Contact 1-877-253-4098 for assistance and details.

Pay online: If you are seeking an easy method to manage your credit card as well as your monthly bills, you need to sign up for Card Center Direct – UMB’s online credit card management service. 

Through this service, you will be able to manage your expenses, update your personal information, and be able to pay bills. Automatic and single payments are both accepted. 

To pay payments with your Tree House Humane Society credit card payment online, click on”Pay online” or click the “Pay on the Internet” option below. This will allow you to log in and register, check your statement, or control your accounts online.

Tree House Humane Society Credit Card Payment

Pay by phone: Another convenient way to pay your bill is to use the automated phone payment service. Contact 800-821-5184.

Pay by Post: The Tree House Humane Society Credit card payment addresses are Card Services Center, P.O. Box 219736, Kansas City, MO 64121-9736. 

Money orders and checks are accepted. To ensure that your money is credited to your account in time be sure to check your due date prior to sending the money. 

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Make sure to include the Tree House Humane Society account number on the check. The account number will be in your account statement. 

To ensure that your Tree House Humane Society payment is received in time, it is suggested that you make your payment in writing at least 5 business days in advance of the due date indicated on your monthly statement of billing.

Cash in the Store: No. You are currently unable to use the Tree House Humane Society credit card at stores.

Tree House Humane Society Credit Card Customer Service: The Tree House Humane Society credit card customer service number is 1-800-821-5184.

Tree House Humane Society

➤ The Tree House Humane Society works to improve pet and cat well-being through education for the public and the treatment and placement of abandoned cats.

➤ Over 16,000 unwanted cats have been saved or adopted from the time the charity was founded in 1971, and since the establishment of a spay/neuter clinic in 2009, more than 6000 dogs and cats are sterilized.

➤ It is believed that the THHS is currently working on an adoption center that is state-of-the-art in Chicago and is currently one of the biggest cage-free shelters and no-kill shelters in the Chicagoland region.

Tree House Humane Society Credit Card

➤ The Tree House Humane Society Visa Platinum Credit Card is available. 

➤ If you purchase this card the bank that issued the card (UMB Bank) will donate money to the charity. 

➤ This means you’ll be able to support the charity financially without additional cost to you. There are five custom-designed designs of cards available with adorable cat designs on the front!

➤ If you’re wondering if this card has any benefits You’ll be pleased to be aware that rewards are offered. 

➤ While the rewards program offered isn’t universal (and is not an exact replica of the most rewarding reward programs on the market) you still can get good value for your money by shopping at a select number of merchants.

Incentives and Rates

➤ The most competitive interest rate is offered through this Tree House Humane Society Credit Card and you’ll reduce the cost of balance transfers by obtaining zero APR of balance transfer for 12 cycles. 

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➤ Based on your credit profile If you’re successful with your application, you will be offered a standard rate of 13.99 percent and 17.99 percent on purchases and balance transfers. 

➤ In addition, the APR on cash advances will be higher, at 24.99 percent. The grace period is at least 21 days. 

➤ Foreign transaction charges are 2percent of the amount of money transferred into US dollars.


➤ We recommend a minimum of $25 donation per gift.

➤ We’ll send your recipient the card you have made to announce the generous gift in their honor. 

➤ You can personalize your tribute or memorial gift card with your personal message.

➤ It’s easy! You can donate online here, or to learn more or make your gift over the phone, please email development@treehouseanimals.orgBe prepared to give details about the person who will be honored as well as the address at which you wish the card to be mailed.

➤ It will ask you for your credit card details or send your request by mail. 

➤ Please allow at most 2 to 3 weeks after the date you contribute to allowing your credit account to process and be issued.


➤ Fields marked with the asterisk (*) are mandatory.

➤ In the event that you’ve got multiple animals who require appointments on the same day, set up distinct appointments for each pet.

➤ If you select a date in Step 4, tap the calendar icon to see the available appointment dates.

➤ If you do not receive confirmation within 2 (2) workdays make sure to check your spam folder. Email us at [email protected] if you do not find the confirmation.

➤ To change or cancel your appointment Click here to inform us of your decision!


➤ The price we offer is tier-based. prices to ensure that veterinary treatment is available to all, regardless of their financial status. Our pricing is accessible and open to anyone who is able to show proof of financial assistance for:

  • SNAP
  • SSDI
  • WIC
  • Medical Card

➤ When you show up for your appointment, you must bring evidence of financial assistance as well as the photo ID that is in line with it.

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Tree House Humane Society Credit Card FAQ


➤ By practicing TNR (trap/neuter/return), we are able to control cat populations and reduce the number of feral cats and create a net positive impact on the small animal population of Chicago. Although outdoor cats (managed and unmanaged) are natural predators for birds Tree House Cats at Work are also fed and water as well as shelter. Our Best Friends friends Best Friends have an excellent guide about how TNR can help in wildlife conservation! You can read that here:


➤ The Cats at Work cats are wild cats that have completed the trap/neuter/return cycle and have been vaccinated against illnesses such as rabies. Although feral cats kill rats, their pheromones can keep rats from coming near them.


➤ We Cats at Work cats are free-ranging cats, not home cats that have to be relocated due to various reasons (including the loss of habitat or human intervention or the death of the caretaker). Since they are not able to do well in a home or shelter environment they have often been ignored before, frequently leading to a long-term stay at the animal control facility or even the death of a cat. We catch or neuter wild cats prior to returning them to a colony outside with an authorized caretaker. Caretaker makes sure that cats are properly cared for by providing water, food, and shelter!


➤ TreeHouse Humane Society is an animal welfare organization most well-known as Chicago’s first cat shelter that was cage-free which was established in the year 1971. TreeHouse exists to help homeless, injured, and neglected cats. We also provide an array of programs designed to aid animals as well as the people who reside with them. Call the main desk at 773-262-4000 should you have concerns.

➤ A few of our programs include:

➤ Volunteer Program – ext. 123

➤ Junior Volunteer Program – ext. 123

➤ Humane Trap Rentals, TNR assistance, Spay/Neuter – main desk

➤ Cat Adoption Center – main desk

➤ Development – Ext. 120

➤ Outreach Events – Ext. 123


➤ A small group of compassionate people was worried about the dearth of services that cater to pets in Chicago. They had meetings that were planned and organized. They also adopted needy animals and took care of the animals in their home. When their ideas began to become more popular, they founded the organization that will be known as the Tree House Humane Society. Read more about it here.

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