Target Hacked: Credit Card Security Breach at Target ✍️

 Credit Card Security Breach at Target ✍️

If you’ve shopped at Target recently with a credit card then it’s crucial to examine your credit card account. 

The biggest US merchant was the victim of a major security breach affecting payment data which is why if you’re a Target shopper or have been between specific dates, then you’ll want to take note of the breach and check if this affects you, regardless of how many transactions you have made or how much you have spent.

 The Target Breach ✍️

While the exact details of the hack aren’t clear but a picture is slowly emerging. 

In the end, attackers were able to install malicious software on the computer of the payment desk systems in more than 1,800 Target store locations.

Take Care! Target Credit Card Breach

It’s not yet known how the attackers managed to get this done across such a large number of stores.

Between November 27-December 15th in 2013, the program has stolen information from credit or debit cards used by consumers to make purchases at brick-and-mortar Target stores. 

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The attackers were able to gain access to customer names, credit card numbers, CVV security codes, and expiration dates (with debit cards as well as credit cards).

This is proving to be an extremely significant and widespread security breach. 

The security of 40 million credit/debit cards could have been compromised. 

Within a short time after the breach, credit card issuers began to report fraudulent activity throughout the U.S.

Target is now being sued by a variety of customers for the breach which could amount to millions in damages being compensated.

 Do I Have a Risk? ✍️

The attack took place between November 27 and December 15, 2013. Therefore, if you paid for your purchase with a debit or credit card at a U.S. brick-and-mortar Target store in this period you must assume that you are at risk. 

Data gained from your card’s magnetic stripe can be used to create counterfeit payment cards. 

It was not an incident of server data being compromised and therefore, you’re not at risk of being a victim if you shopped online with Target.

If you have been the victim of this huge fraud If you have been a victim, leave a comment here and share your story to assist others who might be in the same situation.

 What can I do to Guard My Account? ✍️

Unfortunately, there’s not a significant amount you can do to prevent the hackers from taking advantage of your information once they have successfully gotten hold of the information already. 

In this situation, your only choice is to remain highly vigilant. 

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The best approach is to keep a very close eye on your credit card statements and make contact with your provider immediately if you notice any suspicious transactions.

Account alerts are set up with online credit card management solutions, and also fraud alerts are associated with any of the major credit reporting agencies. 

Your credit card issuer or bank might also be able in keeping an eye on matters for you. 

For example, JP Morgan Chase has temporarily lowered daily spending limits for the most vulnerable cards, and other banks are also tightening security and keeping a close eye to spot fraudulent activities.

Target has announced that they will provide free credit monitoring to any of their customers who’ve been impacted by fraud. 

If you had credit cards at Target in the preceding time the best method to ensure your security is to cancel your account, and get your credit card provider to provide a new credit card.

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Target Breach More Dangerous Than Expected: Target announced on 1-10-2014 that the number of affected credit card accounts was nearly twice as large as they had originally thought. The number has increased to 110 million affected accounts. Please note it is not only Target store credit cards that are affected. Any and all credit cards used at target Not just between November 27 to December 15, 2013, however other times, too, may be affected.

 People Also Ask Credit Card Security Breach at Target ✍️

 Did Target have an incident with security? ✍️

This Target security breach is among the most significant security breaches of all time. Target was forced by law to make a $18.5 million payment after hackers obtained 40 million credit and debit records

 Did Target have been the victim of a security breach? ✍️

What was the outcome of this breach? Target Credit Card breach?

The most customers ever hacked ended with Target paying the largest security breach compensation. Retail giant Target reached an agreement this week to make $18.5 millions to pay claims from 47 states along with the District of Columbia and settle a multi-state inquiry into a major data breach that occurred in the latter part of 2013.

 What happened to the Target security breach of the credit card? ✍️

What was stolen when Target was breached?

The thieves took encrypted PIN data customers’ names as well as debit and credit card numbers, card expiration dates, and the embedded code of the magnetic strip at the back of cards purchased at Target.

 What was stolen from Target was hacked? ✍️

How did hackers get into Target?

27 and Dec. 18th between Dec. 17 and 18, 2013. These perpetrators were able to gain access Target’s servers by stealing credentials from a 3rd-party vendor in Nov 2013. They then used malware to obtain names, emails addresses, credit cards information, and other information.

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