Switch Between Discover Credit Cards

Discover currently provides an online tool that allows you to switch products from one Card to another without the need for a “pull” from your existing credit record. You can, for instance, change between your Discover It Miles Card to the regular Discover It Card without needing to contact Discover. It’s as easy as sign-in on your Account to do it. Switch Between Discover

Switch Between Discover Credit Cards

Doctor of Credit was the first to alert us to this and provides an image of Discover that displays this message

“You ought to be content with your selection for Discover Card. If you’re interested in a credit card that offers diverse rewards, you are able to change your card without having to fill out an application, or receiving a negative mark on your credit report. .”

In some cases, switching from one card to another issued by the same issuer can result in the bank removing your credit. This could cause a slight or temporary drop in your score. In this instance, Discover is saying that is unlikely to happen.

Discover states that you will not lose any rewards you earned with the prior Discover credit card (rewards are transferred with the card) Your account number will remain the same.

It is important to note that the capability to switch is restricted to traditional Discover cards (It, It Miles, It Chrome) but not available to college students or secured cards.

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