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SunTrust Card Activation method enables their customer to Activate SunTrust Card. And customer wants to activate their card with us then you didn’t have to do extra difficult things. We are going to activate the card in a short time possible. The customer can activate the SunTrust Card with us at

If users recently get a SunTrust Card or if users want to activate the SunTrust Card then you will require to read this post and when the customer applies the steps customer activate the Suntrust Card in short time. There are so many various cards available but we are going to show you SunTrust Card Activation process.

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suntrust card activation

SunTrust Card Activation Quick Tip

SunTrust Card Activation process is simple with us. We assure you that the customer will Activate SunTrust Credit Card or debit card in no time with us. There are serval ways to activate the SunTrust Card with us. Users can activate the Suntrust Card online at @ Users can also activate the SunTrust Card by calling on SunTrust Card Activation Number when users call on 1-800-337-1140users will activate the SunTrust Card in short time with us.

That you have shown above that are fast tips to activate your SunTrust Card. But in order to activate the SunTrust Card customer need to read the steps and methods that we have shown below. users requested to follow the steps that we show you and when customers apply the steps users will activate SunTrust Debit Card in no time with us.

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Basic Instructions for SunTrust Card Activation

  • The crucial thing is users have to carry the SunTrust Card in to activate the Card.
  • In order to activate the SunTrust Card users will require to provide the personal details.
  • In order to activate the Card users will require to read the steps and methods that we show you.
  • If users get an e-mail related to Debit Card or Credit Card then users can activate the SunTrust Card.

Activate SunTrust Card Online

SunTrust Debit Card Activation Online

Before users begin to activate the SunTrust Card users will remember some significant information about SunTrust Card Activation. If users have an online SunTrust Card account then you will able to activate the SunTrust allows the card users to proceed with SunTrust Credit Card Login and allows the users to activate the card with SunTrust Online Banking or a mobile app. In case if users didn’t have an online account then first you have to register for an online account. 


  1. For SunTrust Card Online Activation visit official site
  2. After user reach on next page, you have to enter the Card Number.
  3. After that customer requires to enter the personal details and your card details 
  4. After that read the other requirements and fill the other requirements.
  5. After your process completes you able to activate the SunTrust Card soon.

There is a possibility that you cannot activate the Card and you are facing some kind of problems and issue to activate the SunTrust Card. If users facing internet connection problems or for some reasons customers cannot activate the credit Card then customers can activate the SunTrust Card using customer care number that shown below.

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SunTrust Card Activation Phone Number

1-800-337-1140 |SunTrust Card Activation Phone Number

If users want to activate their card using SunTrust Card Customer Service Phone Number then customers will require to know important information. If users want to activate their card using customer care number then you have to contact them via your linked mobile number. That means customer requires a phone number that customer linked to the Credit Card.


  1. Dial the SunTrust Card Activation Number 1-800-337-1140.
  2. Listen carefully to the auto prompt voice and select option to ACTIVATE THE CARD.
  3. After that, you connect with SunTrust Card Customer Care Officer.
  4. Provide your personal details including your card details.
  5. After your process completes you able to activate the SunTrust Card soon.

If users cannot activate the Card, If users cannot activate SunTrust Debit Card with this method then users can activate the Debit Card at SunTrust ATMs. The users can activate the Card with this method very easily.


Suntrust Card Activation @ SunTrust Bank ATMs

If users are activating the Card with the help of an ATM then you will need to have your Suntrust Card in your hand. The Cardholders also require their PIN [Personal Identification Number] to activate the debit card or an ATM Card.


  1. First, Visit the nearest Suntrust Card ATM.
  2. Swipe your debit card or ATM card.
  3. Follow the necessary guidance and select the option to Activate Card.
  4. When the PIN has been generated you will need to enter the PIN.
  5. Once entering the PIN and following the necessary guidance, your card will be able to use soon.
Note: Use our Advice to keep your Personal and Card details secure.
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SunTrust Card Activation Additional Tips

Later the customer ends activating SunTrust Card then you will require to follow the following additional tips to keep your private information and card information. While the customer processing the SunTrust Card Activation Process then you must remember that you have to keep private your personal information and your card information. We know that the SunTrust Debit Card Activation process is useful to Activate Suntrust Card. But if you have any issue or trouble then tell us by talking below. And we will get you an answer for your card activation difficulty with us @

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