SunTrust Bank Debit Card Activation ❤️

SunTrust Bank Debit Card Activation

Have you set up a checking account at SunTrust Bank? Did you receive the debit card? If so, SunTrust makes it easy to enable it. SunTrust Bank Debit Card by offering a separate website and phone service to activate it. 

With either option options, you can either activate your SunTrust Bank Debit Card online or by calling. Both methods are easy and user-friendly. 

They can be used at the convenience of your home, at any time.

Once you have activated it, you will be in a position to withdraw, deposit or transfer funds at any time and have purchasing ability wherever you travel.

How to

If you’re a brand new registered SunTrust Debit Cardholder and are looking to activate your card and you’re able to complete the process online with just a few steps. 

To start the online activation, make sure you have your SunTrust Bank Debit Card that was recently received in the mail from the U.S. mail handy and follow the steps below.

▶️ Visit to access the SunTrust Bank Debit Card page

▶️ Hit the “Activate Card Now” button located to the left of your screen.

▶️ SunTrust Bank Debit Card Activation

▶️ You can also directly go to this SunTrust debit card activation webpage via

▶️ Provide the necessary information about your card i.e. Card Number Expiration Date, Card Number, Security Code or CVV in the fields that correspond to them of the SunTrust Credit Card.

▶️ Then, type in then your Zip Code and Social Security Number or Tax ID Number in the fields.

▶️ Choose the “I’m not a machine” captcha checkbox to use as an additional security measure.

▶️ Hit”Activate” or click on the “Activate” option.

The next stage is where you will have several additional choices. Fill it out according to your personal preferences, by following the instructions on the screen. Finally, you’ll be on the confirmation page to complete the process of SunTrust Debit Card activation.

How to Activate SunTrust Bank Debit Card by Phone

Do you not want to go online? You can get the SunTrust Bank Debit Card by calling the number 1.844.STCARDS. Listen to the voice prompts and then provide the card’s details as well as other information required. After that process, the SunTrust Debit Card is in use and available for use.

SunTrust Bank Debit Card Features & Benefits

There are a variety of SunTrust Debit Cards that are available in different varieties of SunTrust Bank Checking Accounts as well as Solutions. For instance, you can choose SunTrust Debit MasterCard, SunTrust World Debit MasterCard as well as Delta SkyMiles World Debit MasterCard.

The SunTrust MasterCard debit cards allow cardholders to withdraw money through the connected SunTrust Bank checking account including the following benefits.

▶️ You can use the card to make purchases and pay for bills at a myriad of stores around the world.

▶️ You can withdraw cash at more 2 000 SunTrust ATMs as well as 1200 branch locations, without cost

▶️ Earn Cash Back at any of the participating stores

▶️ Get a refund of up to $250 with our Satisfaction Promise within 60 days from the purchase

▶️ Complete protection against purchases made by unauthorized parties

▶️ Make sure you are able to make a secure purchase by using the contactless card in the terminals

▶️ Connect your SunTrust Debit Card to the mobile wallet you prefer and then check out quicker

▶️ Make use of SunTrust Credit Card Controls on the Debit Card to secure and unlock the card.

▶️ Monitor the spending of your card and other activities With SunTrust Online or Mobile Banking

▶️ Get access to all the other MasterCard benefits like extended warranty purchase assurance, MasterCard ID Theft security, and many more.

Contact Information

SunTrust Bank Debit Card Assistance Phone Number: 877-268-5353

SunTrust General Customer Service Number: 800-786-8787

Mailing Address:

SunTrust Bank
PO Box 85024
Richmond, VA 23285-5024

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People Also Ask SunTrust Bank Debit Card Activation

Do I know how to make the card? SunTrust Debit card?

SunTrust credit card, MasterCard, debit card users can activate SunTrust card online at or can call SunTrust Card Activation Number at 1.844. STCARDS (1-844-782-2737) to activate the SunTrust Debit Card by calling the registered number.

How do I get the card? Truist debit card on the internet?

You can also activate your card online by accessing this SunTrust account activation webpage for debit cards. You’ll be required to enter the card’s number the expiration date and security code. You’ll also need to enter your zip code, Social Security number or Taxpayer Identification number. Make sure to check for the “I’m not a machine” box and then click “Activate the card.”

How do I set a PIN for my SunTrust debit card?

If you request your new debit card in a SunTrust branch, you will have the option of choosing your PIN immediately or requesting a system-generated PIN that will be mailed to you. If you requested your new debit card through Client Care or online, a system-generated PIN will be mailed to you.

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