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06/08/2021  · “Evaluation of a long-term community based rehabilitation program for adult stroke survivors.” NeuroRehabilitation 22(4): 295-301. Find it on PubMed. Lyons, K. D., Li, Z., et al. (2010). “Consistency and construct validity of the Activity Card Sort (modified) in measuring activity resumption after stem cell transplantation.”

Activities, participation and satisfaction one-year post stroke

Stroke survivors dwelling in the community demonstrate long-standing dissatisfaction one-year post onset, correlating with activity limitation and restricted participation. … (IADLq), Activity Card Sort (ACS), a work questionnaire, Life-Satisfaction Questionnaire (Li-Sat 9) and the Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS). Results: One year post stroke onset the mean FIM motor score was 75.88 (max score: …

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Validity of the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test in patients with stroke

Background: The Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST) is the most widely used measure for assessing executive functions in patients with stroke. However, no study has examined the ecological, discriminative and convergent validities of the WCST in patients with stroke.

Understanding activity participation 3-months after …

Purpose: To investigate stroke survivors’ activity participation 3-months after stroke, reasons for activity participation and the change in reason for activity participation. Method: Thirty stroke survivors were administered the Activity Card Sort-Australia concurrent with a semi-structured interview about their activity participation. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and spiral content analysis. …

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What is the activity card sort?

The Activity Card Sort (ACS) is an interview-based tool used to measure an individual’s participation in instrumental, leisure and social activities

What are the best fine motor activities for adults after stroke?

Here are some fun and effective fine motor activities for adults after stroke: 1. Therapy ball exercises Hand therapy ball exercises are great for stroke patients, especially those that have hand weakness or struggle with clenched hands after stroke.

What is the best way to recover from stroke?

High repetition is key to recovery because it helps activate neuroplasticity after stroke, the mechanism the brain uses to rewire itself and recover. If you struggle with severe spasticity, which often results in clenched hands after stroke, you can start with passive exercises.

What are the best hand therapy exercises for stroke patients?

Hand therapy ball exercises are great for stroke patients, especially those that have hand weakness or struggle with clenched hands after stroke. Some exercises involve squeezing or pinching a therapy ball, which would benefit patients who need to strengthen the finger flexors (the muscles that allow you to bend your fingers and make a fist).

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