Samsung galaxy s7 active sim card installation

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Samsung Galaxy S7 active (G891A) – Insert or Remove …

To insert a SIM card, first insert a SIM tool or paperclip into the small hole to eject the SIM tray. Insert the Nano-SIM card into the back of the SIM tray with the gold contacts facing up and the notched edge in the lower right. Insert the microSD card into the SIM tray with the gold contacts facing down and the notched edge to the left. Note: MicroSD cards are sold separately. The Samsung Galaxy S7 active can use a …

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How to install the SIM card in Samsung Galaxy S7 …

14/10/2020  · Place the SIM card into SIM card slot on your Samsung device. Eject the tray → Place the SIM card on tray → Gently insert the tray back in slot. Below mentioned are the pictorial representation as follows : a). Insert the Ejection pin into the hole on the tray to loosen the tray.

Samsung Galaxy S7: How to Insert / Remove SIM Card – …

21/03/2016  · Learn how you can easily insert or remove a SIM card on the Samsung Galaxy S7.FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: US ON FACEBOOK:…

Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge Micro SD Card / Sim Card …

10/03/2016  · How to Insert/Install Micro SD Card & Nano Sim Card into the New Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 EdgeSubscribe:))))) Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge i…

How to install SIM card in Galaxy S7 | Samsung New …

22/11/2021  · Ensure that the ejection pin is perpendicular to the hole. Otherwise, the device may get damaged. 2 Pull out the tray gently from the tray slot. 3 Place the SIM or USIM card on the tray with the gold-coloured contacts facing downwards. 4 Gently press the SIM or USIM card into the tray to secure it.

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How to insert Galaxy S7 SIM card in Samsung Galaxy device?

4.2)Step 1: Insert the ejection pin (in your Galaxy S7 box) into the hole of Galaxy S7 SIM card tray. 4.3)Step 2: Pull out Galaxy S7 SIM card tray gently from the SIM card slot. 4.4)Step 3: Put SIM card into slot 1 (the smaller one) with metal part facing downwards.

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Is Samsung Galaxy S7 SIM card compatible with Galaxy S5?

If you have any of these phones, the SIM card is interchangeable with Galaxy S7 or S7 edge. If you own a Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note 4 or earlier Samsung devices, micro SIM card is normally used, and therefore, you cannot use the existing SIM card for Galaxy S7.

What to do if the SIM card falls out of Galaxy S7?

If you fail to secure the SIM card in the slot, the SIM card may fall out of the tray. This may damage the Galaxy S7 SIM card slot. If this happens, do not pull out the tray forcefully. You should visit local Samsung service center to fix it.

How many SIM card slots are there in Galaxy S7?

For single SIM version of Galaxy S7 (and S7 edge), you have only one option: slot 1 (smaller one) for SIM card and slot 2 (bigger one) for micro SD card as shown below.

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