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Primanti Brothers Menu Prices Sandwiches have the ability to be used with nearly any type of bread, meats and vegetables. 

Primanti Brothers, a sandwich-focused chain, capitalizes both on this versatility as well as the popularity and appeal of sandwiches among Americans.

The chain’s sandwiches, however, aren’t your typical slap-them-between-sliced-bread sandwiches found in inferior shops.


These award-winning sandwiches have been recognized by the James Beard Foundation, 2007 America’s Classic. Primanti Brothers prices are quite snazzy, but they are justifiable because these sandwiches are absolutely delicious.


 Cole Slaw $1.50
Large Kosher Pickle $1.67
 Queso Dip with House-Cooked Chips $7.12
 Colossal Hand-Cut Onion Rings $8.05
 Fried Zucchini $6.48
 Crazy Big Bavarian Pretzel $8.24
Side of Cole Slaw $1.49
 One Big Pickle $1.72

Popular Items

 Breaded Mozzarella Wedges $6.90
Spicy Batter-Dipped Pub Pickles $6.14
10 Piece Bone-In Wings $10.99
 9-inch Personal Pizza $7.66
 Giant Bavarian Pretzel $8.79
 Bacon Cheddar Ranch Fries $7.62


Hot Homemade Chili Bowl $3.91

Hand-Cut Fries and Tots

Not just for topping sandwiches. Freshly sliced and fried to order.
 Primanti Size Fresh Cut Fries $8.79
Cheese Fries $4.07
 BLT Style Tots $6.99
Cheese Tots $6.19
 Retro Tots $5.39
 Terror Style Tots $6.99
Fresh-cut French Fries $3.69
Primanti Size Fries with Cheese $9.79

Fries and Tots

 Smallman Street Fries $5.27
Fresh-Cut Primanti Fries $3.18
 BLT Tots $6.27
 Terror Tots $6.46

Almost Famous Sandwiches

Just like you’ve seen on TV. Fresh meats and cheeses piled high with slaw and fries.
 Sirloin Steak and Cheese $10.13
 Capicola and Cheese $9.00
Capicola & Cheese $7.65
 Pastrami and Cheese $9.08
Pastrami & Cheese $8.20
Corned Beef and Cheese $9.08
Corned Beef & Cheese $8.20
Roast Beef and Cheese $9.06
Roast Beef & Cheese $8.20
Cajun Chicken $8.37
 Deluxe Fried Egg and Cheese $6.59
Oven Roasted Turkey & Cheese $8.20
Oven Roasted Turkey and Cheese $8.09
Ham and Cheese $8.30
Ham & Cheese $7.59
 Pitts-Burger and Cheese $8.64
 Cheese Combo $7.46
Deluxe Double Egg and Cheese $7.04
Jumbo Baloney and Cheese $7.80
Bacon and Cheese $8.64
Bacon & Cheese $7.89
Genoa Salami and Cheese $8.73
Genoa Salami & Cheese $7.82
Turkey Breast and Cheese $9.15
 Pitts-burger $7.84
Italian Sausage and Cheese $8.52
Italian Sausage & Cheese $7.56
Kielbasa and Cheese $8.31
Kielbasa & Cheese $7.69
Ragin’ Cajun Chicken $7.63
Angus Sirloin Steak & Cheese $8.86
Angus Sirloin Steak and Cheese $9.30
 Colossal Fish and Cheese $10.40
Southwest Black Bean $9.56
Colossal Fish $9.57

Wings and Tenders

 Large 15 Gourmet Wings $15.61
Medium 10 Boneless $9.67
Large 15 Boneless $12.31
Snack 5 Boneless $5.88
Bucket 20 Boneless $15.80
Medium 10 Bone-in $10.56
Snack 5 Bone-in $6.69
Snack 5 Gourmet Wings $6.72
Medium 10 Gourmet Wings $10.21
Large 15 Bone-in $15.56
Bucket 20 Bone-in $19.60
Bucket 20 Gourmet Wings $19.57
 6 Piece Chicken Tenders and Fries $9.62

Appetizers and Sides

Tasty snacks and smaller plates to keep your hands busy.
 Whole Kosher Pickle $1.19
 Side of Coleslaw $1.69
Jalapeño Pierogies $9.89
 Crispy Zucchini Planks $6.99

Tall Boys

 Reuben $11.16


 House Side Salad $4.39
 Garden Patch $6.84
 The Original Chicken Salad $10.90
 Angus Sirloin Steak Salad $12.86
Grilled Chicken Salad $9.04

Wings & Tenders

Sauced, tossed and stacked for your pleasure.
10 Piece Boneless Wings $10.29
15 Piece Boneless Wings $12.89
5 Piece Boneless Wings $6.29
20 Piece Boneless Wings $16.89
20 Piece Bone-In Wings $21.29
5 Piece Bone-In Wings $6.99
15 Piece Bone-In Wings $16.49
4 Piece Chicken Tenders & Fries $6.99
6 Piece Chicken Tenders & Fries $10.29

Tall Boy Sandwiches

Rueben $10.96
 New Yorker $11.17
 Joe, Dick and Stanley $9.96
 Carnegie $10.60
 The Capone $10.61
Joe, Dick & Stanley $10.36
 PB Reuben $11.59
 Double Roast ‘N Cheddar $11.31
 Double Roast & Cheddar $11.89
 When Pigs Fly $10.40
 Double Roast and Cheddar $10.85
 Deluxe Turkey & Bacon $10.70
 Deluxe Turkey and Bacon $9.81

Burgers and Sandwiches

 Brothers’ Burger $11.47
 Half-Pound, Hand-Crafted Cheeseburger $9.62
 Baked Italian Hoagie $9.19
 Traditional Lamb or Chicken Gyro $7.99
 Chicken Gyro $8.51
 Southwest Black Bean Burger $9.97

Signature Handhelds

 Brothers Burger $12.49
 Half-Pound Cheeseburger $10.30
 Italian Crostini $9.89
 BBQ Bacon Cheddar Burger $10.92
 Loaded Cheesesteak Bomb $12.29
 Crispy Chicken Sandwich $9.56
 Grilled Chicken Spinach Club $10.07
 Buffalo Chicken Sandwich $9.52


 Classic Cheese Pizza $12.78
You Build It $7.87
 White $13.64

Kid’s Menu

Our kid’s meals come with your choice of fries, apples, peaches and a drink.
Mini Corn Dogs $4.87
Chicken Strips $4.89
Hamburger $4.74
Cheeseburger $4.95
Cheese Pizza $5.04
Macaroni & Cheese $4.89
One Topping Pizza $4.89


 Reese’s Peanut Butter Pie $5.49
 BIG Brownie Sundae $5.31
 Snickers Pie $5.20


20oz Diet Coke $3.09
 Coke $2.80
20oz Sprite $3.09
Diet Coke $2.79
Bottle Water $2.39
Coke Zero $2.79
Sprite $2.80
20oz Coke $3.09
2L Coke $3.09
Water $2.11
Peak Sweet Tea $2.80
2L Sprite $3.09
2L Diet Coke $3.09


 Chicken Tenders $4.39
Cheesebuger $4.39
Macaroni and Cheese $4.39
Corn Dogs $4.39
Kids Pizza $4.48
Pizza $4.39
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In Pittsburgh’s Strip District, the original sandwich shop was opened in 1933. John Primanti, a pioneer in sandwich making during the Great Depression, opened it. His brothers, Dick and Stanley Primanti joined Joe shortly after. They opened their first diner on the Strip District with the same customers: the graveyard workers and early-morning shift workers at nearby produce yards.

After the deaths of Stanley Patrinos and John, Dick sold his chain to Kim Patrinos in 1975. The chain currently has 16 locations in Pittsburgh, as well as many locations in South Florida and Maryland.

About Primanti Bros

Primanti Brothers sandwiches are the nation’s most popular food. We are not surprised, as they are some of the best in the country. These sandwiches feature a combination of grilled meats, melted cheese, tomato slices, coleslaw, and fries with Italian bread slices. These sandwiches are the reason the chain has won multiple awards, including the 2007 James Beard Foundation Award for America’s Classics.

While the chain began with one shop in Pittsburgh’s Strip District, the original sandwich was created by Joe Primanti during Great Depression. Sandwiches were served to late-night and early morning workers in the produce yards and warehouses. Jim Patrinos purchased the chain in 1975. There are locations in Pennsylvania and South Florida as well as West Virginia.

Sandwiches are delicious for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They also make a great snack after a long night of drinking. Many Americans find it convenient that the restaurants are open when almost all other nearby restaurants close or are packed. Primanti Bros. prices make late-night runs easy because they are reasonably priced.

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Below are the most recent Primanti Bros. Menu Prices.


Primanti Brothers Corporate Office Address – 2100 Wharton Street, #720
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Primanti Brothers Phone Number – +1 (412) 325-2455

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Primanti Brothers Email Address – [email protected]


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