New Credit Scam Warnings Issued

New Credit Scam Warnings from the Better Business Bureau – $9.84 Scam & “One Ring” Scam

A scammer with the $9.84 Charge


New warnings about credit scams.New Credit Scam Warnings Credit card interest rate reduction scams · Phishing scams · New account fraud · Account takeover fraud · Person-to-person fraud  New warnings about credit scams.

There are reports that consumers are discovering unauthorized charges in their statements. The  New Credit Scam Warnings $9.84 charge is typically categorized as a Customer Support charge on the statement. It can be associated with any of a variety of fake websites.

New Credit Scam Warnings

Victims can access the website to learn more about the charges. The victim is informed after contacting the website that the charge will be removed. Also, the amount will be credited back to the account. It isn’t clear if this information is real or fake.

We advise all affected consumers to avoid contacting these fake websites. To help consumers protect themselves, there are several recommendations from the BBB:

– Get in touch with your card issuer if fraud is suspected.

– It is best to destroy your current card, and request a replacement.

– Create a fraud alert in your credit file (visit

– Take care of all your accounts

Investigators are still investigating whether the scam is connected to the holiday data.

The Return Call Scam of the ‘One Ring’ – DON’T RETURN IT!

Fraud Alert

BBB warns consumers about another scam that appears to have nothing to do with the holiday-period data breaches and the $9.84 charges scam. As of this writing, no complaints have been filed. However, Steve J. Bernas (president of the BBB) stated that this scam is quickly spreading across the U.S.A and it is only going to get worse.

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Malware is used to infect personal computer systems, then makes thousands of calls to randomly chosen telephone numbers. Each call is only good for one ring, after which it disconnects.

The scam’s purpose is to trick people into returning missed calls. If they do, they will be charged $19.95 to pay an international call fee. Victims claim that the calls come from many international locations, including British territory.

This scam is a red flag that you must immediately report to your carrier. Also, be sure to carefully review your bill. You will be able to get the charges partially or completely reimbursed if the fraud is reported as soon as possible.

According to the BBB, you can protect yourself against fraud by not answering or returning calls from international numbers that are not yours.

Visit the Better Business Bureau website, For additional help and information

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