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Exponential v. Linear Function Card Sort – Manna Math

Exponential Function Unit Plan Grade Level: Algebra 1

Distinguish between linear and exponential functions. 4. Create equations with two or more variables; show relationships between quantities, graphs, and equations. … (Card Sort): This activity allows students to use everything they have learned about exponential functions in order to distinguish specific exponential functions from non-exponential functions. This …

Ninth grade Lesson Comparing Exponential and Linear …

10 minutes. This activity gets students thinking about the comparison between linear and exponential functions discussed previously. Students will work in pairs on this matching activity. Cut out the eight cards from exponential_v_linear2_matching and instruct students to sort them into two categories: linear and exponential.

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Math Tasks – InsideEWU

Linear, Exponential, or Quadratic Card Sort. This card sort involves multiple representations and questions for students that has them distinguish among linear, exponential, and quadratic functions, while justifying their reasoning. Linear Exponential or Quadratic (Cards) Linear Exponential or Quadratic (Questions) Urban Sprawl

Linear vs Nonlinear Card Sort Activity from TPT | Math = Love

15/06/2021  · I downloaded this Linear vs Nonlinear Card Sort Activity from Middle School Math Aplenty on Teachers Pay Teachers.. I used our lesson over linear vs non-linear graphs as graphing calculator practice for my Algebra 2 students. Students rearranged each equation to get y by itself and entered it in their graphing calculator.

Exponential and Linear Functions Card Sort Activity + Google Slides

This activity is great for partners or groups. It will get your students discussing math! What’s included: Optional Intro Survey: Google Forms survey for students to identify 8 stories as linear or exponential. Printable Card Sort: 8 real world stories for students to sort as linear or exponential and then match with equations, along with …

Exponential Functions: Matching – When Math Happens

09/09/2014  · Learning Goal: Build procedural fluency with writing and graphing exponential functions. Classwork Estimation 180 – Day 16 (Andrew Stadel) Warm Up Card Sort: Exponentials (Desmos) Practice Answers Link to Answers Standards Common Core HSF.LE.A.2 – Construct linear and exponential functions, including arithmetic and geometric sequences, …

Linear Exponential Sort Worksheets & Teaching …

This activity is a sorting activity that has students cutting out and sorting quadratic equations, exponential functions, and linear equations into the appropriate category. This can be used for early finishers, tutoring, around the world, enrichment, reinforcement, or math centers.

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Restructuring Algebra: Exponential Functions

11/12/2013  · We started by describing exponential functions algebraically, graphically, and numerically. Here is the foldable we did. It is very similar to the one we did with linear functions: Foldable closed. Foldable opened. Then we did a card sort. We did exponential vs. not exponential. I asked them to write a reason for why each card was on the side …

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