How to Activate IMDB TV on Roku?

Activate IMDB TV on Roku

IMDB TV on Roku IMDB TV is a popular streaming video site that provides thousands of TV shows, movies, and other entertainment.

It’s available at any time. Whether you are looking to catch a blockbuster film or binge-watch popular TV shows like Lost or Chicago Fire, you can stream these exciting IMDB TV originals and classics.

Activate IMDB TV on Roku

 IMDB TV is well-known for constantly updating its library, so you can always find new shows and movies whenever you go to their site.

The huge library of IMDB TV content includes everything you need, from romance and thriller to horror, documentaries, family, comedy, science-fiction, and much more IMDB TV on Roku.

 IMDB TV provides all of these services for free, without any subscription. You can activate IMDB TV for your Roku device by following these steps.

The Guide to Activate IMDBTV On Roku Device

  1. To begin, press the home button (home icon), on your Roku remote. The Roku home screen should be displayed.
  2. Once you have landed on the Roku Home screen scroll down until you find the Streaming Channels section. Select the Roku Channel Store to be taken to the Roku Channel Store section.
  3. You will need to scroll through the list to locate the IMDBTV channel in the Roku Channel Store section. Most likely, you’ll find the app in the Movies & TV or Top free Movies & TV sections.
  4. The search option is available if the IMDBTV TV app is not listed in the suggested categories. You will need to type IMDB TV into the search field and then press the search icon. The search result will be displayed on your screen IMDB TV on Roku.
  5. To access the preview page from the search result, click on the IMDBTV app.
  6. Once you’re on the preview page, click the Add Channel link and follow the prompts for downloading and installing the app. Your Roku device will automatically install the IMDB TV App.
  7. NOTE: You will need the Add Channel to make free applications. To make paid applications, press the Buy option to purchase channels IMDB TV on Roku.
  8. Once you have the channel installed on your Roku, you will need to launch the IMDBTV TV app from the home screen. Next, you’ll be prompted for your login credentials. You will need to enter your login credentials if you already created an online account at IMDB TV. If not, follow the prompts to set up your IMDB TV channel.

These are the steps to take in order to activate IMDB TV on your Roku. You can sign up below if you do not have an online account with IMDBTV.

Creating an IMDB TV Online Account

  1. To begin with, you will first need to open a web browser on your phone, tablet, or computer, and navigate to the homepage of IMDB TV using the URL
  2. When you arrive at the homepage of IMDBTV on your web browser you will need to click or tap on Register. This option is located in the upper-right corner. This will redirect you to the next screen. Here you will find the sign-in page.
  3. Click or tap on the Register a New Account to proceed to the next screen.
  4. The next screen will ask you to enter Your name and email.
  5. When you press the Register your IMDb Account button a one-time password (OTP), will be sent to your email address. You will need to enter it in the prompt field.
  6. After entering the OTP you will need to click on or tap on the Register your IMDb account and follow the prompts.

After creating an IMDB TV TV account online, you will be able to use it for activating the IMDB TV application on your Roku using the steps described earlier IMDB TV on Roku.

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