HSBC UK Debit Card Activation ❤️

HSBC UK Debit Card Activation

Did you receive your brand new HSBC UK Debit Card in the mail? If yes, then you’ll have to confirm on the front of the card and then activate it prior to using it. 

To activate your card, you have three options: through the internet via online banking, over the phone, or in the cash machine. 

If you’re not an initial HSBC debit cardholder in the UK you have the option of choosing one of these methods to activate your card. 

New cardholders can also activate your HSBC UK Debit Card by calling or on the internet.

How to Activate HSBC UK Debit Card Online

If you own a brand new as well as a substitute HSBC UK Debit Card, you can select online activation of the card. 

To activate the card, keep the HSBC UK Debit Card in your hand and open a browser on your desktop. After that, follow the steps below.

▶️ Go to on the HSBC UK website at

▶️ Click the “Log on” in the red “Log on” button at the top right-hand corner on the home page.

How to Activate HSBC UK Debit Card by Phone

Another speedy and straightforward method to activate a brand new and/or substitute HSBC UK debit card is to contact them on the phone. 

In case you decide you would prefer not to register or sign in to HSBC UK Online Banking you may make use of this option and your card will be activated within less than 60 seconds.

All you have to do is hold the HSBC UK Debit card which was delivered by mail in your palm and dial the next number. The number is available for use at any time.

HSBC UK Debit Card Activation Number: 0800 783 5263

Follow the instructions of the automated line and enter the required information on your HSBC debit card. 

Additionally, you will need to answer questions regarding your personal information, which must be consistent with the information HSBC holds for you.

hsbc uk debit card activation

How to Activate HSBC UK Debit Card by ATM

If you’re an existing HSBC UK customer and it’s not your first debit card that you have with HSBC You can choose this third option to complete your card activation. 

For this, you’ll perform the PIN payment e.g. the cash withdrawal, top-up on your mobile, or balance inquiry, using this HSBC UK debit card that you would like to activate. When the transaction is completed your debit card will be activated.

Take note that if an account holder with a joint account and several debit cards on the HSBC bank account you’ll have to activate each card in separate ways.

You’ll also need to conduct PIN transactions using the HSBC UK Debit Card in order to enable the contactless feature of your new debit card. This applies to both new cardholders as well as the existing ones.

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HSBC UK Debit Card

HSBC UK currently offers three debit cards to its customers. Each is accompanied by an HSBC UK Bank Current Account. Here is a brief description of these cards and accounts from HSBC UK.

HSBC UK Visa Debit Card

It’s a normal Visa debit card, which is compatible with a standard daily current HSBC British Bank account. 

If you’re 18 or more, have an address for your residence within the EU, and can provide a verified document proving the identity of your address and name, then you are eligible to make an application for the account. The account offers the following advantages.

▶️ Use it for everyday purchases

▶️ 75% AER/gross income through HSBC regular saver

▶️ Control your daily finances

▶️ Withdraw up to PS300 a day

▶️ You can apply for an overdraft that has been arranged etc.

HSBC UK Premier Visa Debit Card

To be eligible for this card, you’ll need an HSBC UK Premier Bank Account. The eligibility requirements are the same as for an HSBC current Bank Account plus a few extra conditions. 

For instance, you have to be earning PS75000 annually and have an eligible HSBC UK product. Also, you must deposit or save PS50000 using HSBC. The benefits of this card are

▶️ Shop in-store or online securely

▶️ Travel insurance for the world and an annual free travel coverage

▶️ 75% AER/gross income through HSBC regular saver

▶️ No cost per month

▶️ Support for Relationship Managers and much more

HSBC UK Advance Visa Debit Card

The card is accessible to those who are HSBC UK Advance Bank Account holders. 

To get your account, you have to make a payment of PS1750 or more per month or at a minimum of PS10,500 every six months to the account.

Additionally, you have to meet the minimum requirements for eligibility. If you have this account, you are eligible to

▶️ Get a variety of additional services without additional cost

▶️ An overdraft arrangement of at the very least PS1000 or more

▶️ Earn 2.75 percent AER/gross when you use your regular savings

▶️ Withdraw up to PS500 a day

▶️ Cash emergency and fee-free international transfers and many other benefits.

You are able to apply for an eligible account by going to an HSBC branch. Once the account has been opened, HSBC will send your specific HSBC UK Debit Card by mail.

Contact Information

HSBC UK Customer Service Number: 03456 00 61 61


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People Also Ask HSBC UK Debit Card Activation

What is the limit on a HSBC debit card UK?

For HSBC Bank account it is £300For HSBC Advance it is £500. For HSBC Premier it is £1,000.

What is HSBC debit card?

HSBC Debit Card is a free bank card that enables customers to carry out transactions via HSBC ATMs or ATMs of other banks. HSBC Debit Card also provides convenient access to demand deposit accounts via POS machines in shops displaying the Visa Electron or Maestro/Cirrus emblems.

What is the limit on a HSBC debit card?

Daily purchase limit and daily ATM cash withdrawal limits
Debit card type Purchase limit (RM) – By default Purchase limit (RM) – Option to increase to
HSBC Visa Debit Card 3,000 20,000
HSBC Advance Visa Debit Card 3,000 20,000
HSBC Premier Visa Debit Card 3,000 50,000

Is HSBC debit card Visa?

You can use your HSBC Visa Debit Card for purchases or cash withdrawals anywhere you see the Visa logo. It works in exactly the same way, whether Chip & PIN, contactless or mobile. This includes 29 million shops, hotels, restaurants and other outlets across 160 countries.

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