How to activate mino card deposit ragnarok mobile

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Other ways to activate Minorous Card Insight?

Hi I”m returner of ROM, My main class is Lightbringer Lv.146, but I would like to switch to the Range Class which can farm zenny . I’ve 2 classes in my mind that are Stellar Hunter and Tyrant, but I wonder that which class can farm zenny better with a cheap gear or not invest too much on gear.


Hi All,In this video I do damage testing with and without minorus card deposit effect,Enjoy the video 🙂

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Try Effect Minorous card +deposit , Stem Worm Card …

27/12/2018  · I Share guide Tips & Trick and everything i know about Ragnarok MobileCorrect me if im wrong. if i share wrong info or anythingThank you for your support guy…

[Question] Minorous deposit on bow. How to get 51% to large m …

The developer of SEA seems like they don’t give a f about this game, communication is one of the most important things in life, gamers are mostly introvert I know, but you are a company that selling a product, so please wake up.


23/01/2019  · Try Deposit and Minorous Card with Desert Twilight Weapon.Any Question? Comment below

Minorous card deposit bonus : RagnarokMobile

Deposit bonus works on all monster, including pvp. But you need to have a Knight or Crusader class in order for the deposit effects kick in. Other class could not trigger the deposit effects. Rogue / Assassin equipped with Sandstorm and Monk equipped with Giant Gloves can take advantage of the effect.

Minorous card deposit effect as s Whitesmith : RagnarokMobile

level 1. Arsezo. 2 years ago. I’ve read somewhere that the deposit effect doesn’t work for whitesmith yet. You need to have over* 50% dmg to big monsters and there currently isn’t any other item for whitesmith. For monk, there’s giant gloves. Nevertheless, 2 minorous cards are definitely needed for boss hunt. 2. level 2.

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