First premier credit card activation fee

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First premier credit card activation fee

How do I activate my First Premier credit card? – WalletHub

08/09/2021  · Your First Premier credit card will be activated as soon as you pay your program fee or fund your security deposit, depending on the card you got approved for. Follow the instructions on your applications page to pay for the program fee/security deposit. Once the issuer processes your payment, it will send you the card already activated.

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First Premier Credit Card Processing Fee Info

19/02/2021  · The First Premier customer service number is (800) 987-5521. In addition to the one-time $25 – $95 processing fee, First Premier credit cards charge a $75+ annual fee the first year and a $45 – $49 annual fee each year after that.

First Premier Bank Credit Card Review (2021)

16/12/2020  · First Premier Bank Credit Card Lowlights $25-$95 Processing Fee. If you’re approved for the First PREMIER® Bank Mastercard Credit Card, one thing will stand between you and account opening: a processing fee between $25 and $95. This can have a significant impact on your initial spending limit, and, if you don’t pay this fee within 85 days of being notified of approval, your account …

First PREMIER Bank MasterCard Credit Card Reviews

03/12/2020  · This premier credit card is a totally scam credit card, how is it that just to activate the card they charge you 95.00 up front and then they spect for you to pay another 125.00 as a first year annual fee, so in total just to use a $ 500.00 credit line first you have to pay $220.00 in total which at the end you only end up with 280.00 to spend, how’s that make sense?

PREMIER Credit Protection Contract – Premier Bank Card Online – …

existing accounts you have with First PREMIER Bank. Amount of fee. The monthly fee for the PREMIER Credit Protection product is based on your outstandingnd eing monthly balance multiplied by $0.89 per $100. The cost of the program will not change if you become ineligible for some of the protection. However, First PREMIER Bank may change the amount of the protection fee in the

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First PREMIER® Bank Payment Application

To allow First PREMIER Bank to locate your application, please provide one of the following: Social Security Number: … *If you pay your Program Fee or fund your initial Security Deposit by check, we will hold the funds for up to 6 days. This means your Credit Account won’t be opened and available to use for transactions for up to 10 days. … So use your debit or credit card!

2021 Review: First PREMIER Bank Mastercard – Credit …

06/06/2014  · Returned Payment Fee Up to $38. Additional Cards Annual Fee $29. Foreign Transaction Fee 3%. The First PREMIER Bank Mastercard should only be considered by people with severely damaged credit. This card is intended to help rebuild your credit, but it’s a subprime product with relatively unfriendly terms.


Set up access your Business Rewards Credit Card account online. Enroll Today . Automated Clearing House (ACH) For your security, enrollment for ACH Online must occur at a First PREMIER Bank location by an authorized signer of the account. Contact Us . Trust Online Enrollment. Enroll in Trust Online. We will contact you by e-mail within two business days. Enroll Today . Brokerage Online. Welcome to …

Login | PREMIER Bankcard

The First PREMIER® Bank Mastercard® Credit Card has great benefits and valuable tools for those who’d like to make financial progress. Access. available credit when you need it. Expect. pricing that’s upfront and easy to understand. Rely. on decades of experience and the security of Mastercard. Apply Now. Since 1989, we’ve been helping individuals and families improve their financial health.

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People Also Ask first premier credit card activation fee

How do I pay my first Premier Bank credit card processing fee?

Though First Premier Bank requires a checking account to qualify for their credit cards, there are multiple ways to pay the processing fee. Payment options include a bank draft, personal check, money order, debit card, or another credit card.

How do I Activate my Premier credit card?

Online at – just sign up for an account, enter the basic information like account number and Social Security number and press CONTINUE. After successfully completing the process, you will be notified that you need to activate your credit card. By phone at the toll-free number 1-800-987-5521.

Is the first Premier® Bank credit card a good idea?

The First PREMIER® Bank Credit Card should only be considered as a last-ditch option. With its staggering APR, numerous fees, and no benefits, it’s a risky choice that shouldn’t be made lightly. There are other cards available with the sole purpose of restoring credit which might prove to be better options.

How much is the first Premier cash advance fee?

The First Premier cash advance fee depends on which credit card offer you get. It can be as low as 3% or $2 (max. $10), whichever is greater. Or, it can be as high as 5% or $8 with no maximum. So be sure to check your First Premier Credit Card’s terms and conditions before you do a cash advance.

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