Discover Credit Card Reviews

Discover Credit Card Reviews

discover credit card reviews

Below we present a brief description and a brief review for the various Discover credit card together with thoughts on the other credit cards that you can evaluate these cards. Each of these cards has no annual fees.Discover Credit Card

  • It is the Explore it Miles card is the top Discover credit card for the majority of people. It’s advertised as a travel credit card but it could be considered an cash-back card. The way it works is It gives you 1.5 “Miles” for each dollar you spend using the card. But, these miles are basically identical to points which have a value of a penny. In this case 10000 “Miles” = $100 in rewards. The points or miles you earn can be used to pay for travel expenses that you’ve incurred with your card. Or, use them to purchase cash and earn the equivalent to the 1.5 cash-back card at a % rate. The best part is that at the end of your first year on your card the miles you’ve earned will be doubled. This means that you’ll get an 3% discount on the first year’s purchases as long as you’ve held your card that length of time (and we’re not sure why you shouldn’t). The cards to compare this with: Citi Double Cash, Bank of America Travel Rewards.
  • Discover It Card The Discover it Card, the company’s most popular credit card, it’s a cash-back card that offers five percent rebate on certain categories of purchases and 1 percent on everything else that you purchase with the card. Beware: the categories that earn 5% change every calendar quarter. There is a maximum limit on the amount you can spend to receive the 5% rebate ($1500) in addition to the fact that you have to “activate” each quarter to ensure that you’re still eligible to receive the 5percent rebate (even when there’s no reason why you shouldn’t like a larger rebate!). However, if you own several credit card, this card is an excellent card to use to earn the 5percent rebates. Similar to the card mentioned above the first year’s rebate will be increased by a third at the end of twelve months (meaning you receive a 10 percent discount on certain purchases within the one-year period). The cards to compare to: Chase Freedom , US Bank Cashand .
  • Discover Chrome Cash back card that has a different formula: it offers cash back of 2% on gas and restaurant purchases (on up to $1000 of the quarter) The rebate is reduced to 1 percent) and 1 percent on all other purchases with the card. Similar to the cards mentioned above that offer first-year rebates, this one doubles at the end of twelve months. Card to compare this with: Capital One SavorOne Card , Bank of America Cash Rewards .
  • Discover it For students as well as Discover it Chrome for students The basic concept is similar to Discover it cards of the same name as mentioned above, however with more interest rates. Compare with: Capital One Journey Student Rewards , Bank of America Cash Rewards for Students .
  • Discover It Secured Credit Card is for people who require “build or rebuild” their credit due to past credit problems or a lack of credit background This is our top security credit card. It is necessary to make an amount of security to obtain the card and get a credit limit that is equal to the amount you put down. The card is then used as the other cards you have, and make your monthly payments. The money you pay for your card does not come directly from your security account, you will get your security deposits back once you’ve decided to stop using to use the credit card (assuming you’ve paid off the balance). The purpose is to prove your capability to manage the credit card through paying in time every monththat should result in being able to have an “regular” credit card that does not require an investment. If you are able to do well with this credit card, Discover may eventually return the security deposit (possibly within eight months) and allow you to keep using it. The card offers a rewards plan that is uncommon for secured cards: receive cash back of 2% on restaurant and gas purchases (on at least $1000 in the quarter for these types of purchases) and 1 percent cash back on all other purchases. There is no annual fee, other than the security deposit that is refundable. Compare with: Capital One Secured Card , BankAmericard Secured Card .

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  • Discover It Business Card Small-sized business credit card gives 1.5 percent cash back on each purchase you make using the card. There is no annual fee. In addition, when you finish your first year with the card Discover will match the rewards earned the year before a second time. This means you will receive the benefit of a 3% reduction on all purchases made during the first year. A great business credit card if do not want to think too much about the benefits you earn, even though there are many other credit cards on the market that can bring you more. Comparing to Chase Ink Business Unlimited, Blue Business Cash from American Express.

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