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How to Log In and Apply for a Debenhams Credit Card 

 Debenhams Credit Card Login In the year 1813 Debenhams was one first-ever retail stores was established in 1813. William Clark and Mr. William Debenhams as “Clark & Debenham” outside the London City in Cheltenham similar to that of the Wigmore Street store. 

Through the years the store has grown by embracing the Victorian fashions, to the grieving family members, and widows, and other female members of the family adhere to a strict code of dress and behavior.

From 1985 to the year 1998 Debenhams became a major part of the Burton Group. 

The Debenhams stores saw massive growth in the number of stores and in 1997, their 1 1st worldwide establishment store was inaugurated in Bahrain.

Following the separation with Burton Group in the year 2000, Burton Group, Debenhams as an entity is listed on London Stock Exchange (LSE) until 2003 when it was taken over by Baroness Retail Ltd.

Again in May of 2006, Debenhams returned to LSE. London Stock Exchange.

For the time being, Debenhams plc had their headquarters for administrative purposes in Oxford Street, London, UK. 

The company’s current offerings include fashionable clothing, shoes, accessories including toys cosmetics, electrical goods and gifts, household goods, and furniture, among others. 

According to the data of 2018, the business earned a profit of PS2,277 million. 

Today, Debenhams is operated under Boohoo Online Store and had over 25,000 highly trained staff.

Debenhams Credit Card Login:

If you’re having trouble getting access to your Debenhams Credit Card, you will need to follow the steps below:

  • The first step is to visit the homepage on the Debenhams Online Account Management Portal.
  • You can also directly click on portal.newdaycards.com/debenhams/login.
  • On the next page, select “Log In” above.
  • Then, enter your “Username” & select on the “NEXT” tab and follow the procedure to log into your account.

Please note: Debenhams manage their Credit Cards through an official online portal referred to as Debenhams Online Account Manager. If you wish to purchase items from Debenhams you must go to the official website of Debenhams or click the link 

Debenhams Credit Card Login

Apply for Debenhams Credit Card:

To apply for Debenhams Credit Cards, go to their website at Debenhams Card Mobile Application and Online Account Management (Get registered first to use Online Services), and you can also contact the Automated Phone Call Services at 0333-220-2519(7 seven days per week, from 8 am until 9 midnight).

Debenhams Credit Card Registration:

When you receive your Debenhams Credit Card, you must register your credit card as soon as you can. 

To begin, you must make sure you have the following information in mind:

  • Information about your Accounts You’ll require to have your 16 (sixteen) numbers credit card number or the number on your accounts.
  • Your Mobile while in the process of registration, Debenhams will send a One-Time Password, also known as Pass-Code (OTP) to your mobile number.
  • Online Registration Code It is a six (six) numbers code that you received by letter and email at the time you made an application for Debenhams Credit Card. 
  • (You are able to apply with your Debenhams Credit Card if you do not have the Code in addition to).

It is the Debenhams Credit Card Registration process is simple, but should you encounter any issues, follow these steps:

  • Move on to the Debenhams Online Account Manager Portal.
  • You can also click on portal.newdaycards.com/debenhams/register
  • On the website, click from the menu the “Register” button above.
  • This is where you can fill in your personal information such as “Last Name”“Post Code” and Card Information like “Card Number”“Expiry Date” (MM/YY), and so on.
  • Check your “Terms & Conditions” box.
  • Clicking to the “CONTINUE” tab and follow the on-screen directions to finish.

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Where can you locate your APR and Interest Rates for Debenhams Credit Card:

APR, also known as the Annual Percentage Ratio (APR) is applicable to your account, and will be clearly stated on the ” Credit Agreement”. All rates of interest applicable to your credit card account will be displayed on your monthly statement of billing.

It is easy to find the Debenhams credit Card rate of interest on your account statement. 

There’s a section known in the form of “Your Interest Rates” that clearly lists the interest rates applicable on the Debenhams Credit Card.

How to Report Fraud or Suspicious Transactions:

Debenhams Credit Card has dedicated teams that will monitor your account activity and detect any suspicious transactions. 

In all circumstances, if you suspect any transaction(s) which appear on your monthly statements, please contact Debenhams’ Fraud Prevention Help webpage or contact them at 0330-838-1557. 

You are able to temporarily put the balance of your Credit Card through your Mobile Application in the event that the number is unavailable at any time.

Which is the credit limit to the amount of cash that you are able to regularly withdraw:

Debenhams allows you to cash out as much as PS300 per day. This is dependent on your credit score. It is advised to stick to the limits of your credit. 

Keep in mind that a fee of PS3 or 3.3% will be charged to every cash transaction in addition to the sum you take out (whichever is greater) and even if you make the payment for your balance in total it will still be subject to interest on the day when the payment is pre-credited to your account (i.e. typically the following working day) and both of these could result in you exceeding the credit limit.

What happens if you miss out on a payment, or go over your credit limit:

If you’ve failed to make the payment or have exceeded the limit of your credit card or fail to pay your contractual minimum payment on time the bank will charge you with a penalty of PS12.

Debenhams is also going to report any payment habits and any missed or failed payment in the form of Credit Reference Agencies, which will be reflected on your credit record and could make it more costly or difficult to obtain any credit facility in the near future.

If you are unable to pay your credit payment on your credit card or go over your credit limit, you will be being denied any promotions or installment plans and in such a case you’ll have to pay the regular cost of purchase on these amounts. 

Additionally, the balances of your Instalment Plan, as well as Purchase Now, Pay Later Benefits are transferred into your regular balance of purchases. 

You will be able to determine your purchase price when you check your bill for your month.

If you’re unable to pay your monthly payments in time or have a difficult time trying to reach your budget, Debenhams is available to help. 

They have a specialist team that can review your options and helps you find the best solution.

You can speak directly to the Debenhams friendly customer service at 0330-838-1557 orin your mobile application.

In addition, you can get free, impartial advice from the organizations:

Citizens Advice (Call): 03454 -04 -05 -06 or E-mail to www.citizensadvice.org.uk

National Debt line (Call): 0808 -8080 -4000 or E-mail to www.nationaldebtline.org (if you are self-employed)

Step Change Debt Charity (Call): 0800 -138 -1111 or E-mail to www.stepchange.org

Please note: (Debenhams are committed to working with the above organizations and helping you locate the most suitable and cost-effective solution).

Contact Details:

Debenhams Headquarters,

334 – 348, Oxford Street,

London, England, UK

Debenhams Credit Card Services,

New Day Ltd,

PO Box – 700, Leeds, LS99 2BD

Phone Numbers:

Debenhams Customer Services Enquiries, to report stolen or lost Card, or to Forget or change Your PIN (Call): 0333 220 2519 and 0330-838-1557 (7 seven days per week, from 8 am to 9 midnight)

Report Fraudulent or Unauthorised Use of Credit Card (Call): 0333 -220 -2519

To Use Debenhams Credit Card Abroad (Call): 0333 -220 -2518 (Call Before Travelling)

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Debenhams Credit Card Login FAQs

Are Debenhams credit cards still valid?

In December 2020, Debenhams told us its one credit card would continue to work for now and that users could continue to manage their account, view transactions and make payments through the Debenhams card app, its online account manager, and through the automated phone service.

What happens if you have a Debenhams credit card?

If you have a Debenhams Credit Card you can still use it wherever you see the Mastercard logo. Points, however, can no longer be earned on new purchases. Any points earned before 1 December 2020, above the value of £2, can still be redeemed via the Debenhams Card app or Online Account Manager as a Debenhams gift card.

How can I pay my Debenhams account?

We accept the following payment cards: Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, Maestro, Electron, American Express, Klarna.
  1. Please note: All payments must be made online when placing your order. …
  2. Shop now and pay later in three equal payments that let you spread the cost of your purchase, with no added charges.

Is Debenhams online still trading 2021?

The Debenhams brand will continue to trade online after it was bought by the fashion retailer Boohoo for £55m in January.

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