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Lesson Five Credit Cards – Practical Money Skills

Credit Cards $ Lesson Five Student Activities. shopping for credit credit cards student activity 5-1a Credit card costs and features can vary greatly. This exercise will give you a chance to shop for, and … credit cards student activity 5-2b SEND PAYMENT TO …

Credit Card Lesson Plan Ideas to Teach Students About …

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08/09/2008  · Teach students to understand credit and when to use a credit card with this lesson. Learning about credit is an essential life skill to teach young people as part of a series of lessons on money management and skills. … For example, some credit cards may charge a fee (eg. $60) then charge 15% interest in purchases. ‘Ah yes’ say your students ‘but we’ll pay it …

Playing a credit and debit game

Playing a credit and debit game Students play a game to practice and explore positive credit and debit card behaviors. KEY INFORMATION Building block: Executive Function Financial knowledge and decision-making skills Grade level: High school (9–12) Age range: 13–19. Topic: Protect (Preventing fraud and identity theft)

High School Credit Activity – Oklahoma Money Matters

• How to compare credit cards to select the one that’s the best fit for their situation. Use the content and resources on pages 10 – 12 of the high school . Your Money Matters. guide to educate your students about the basics of credit. Ask your students to read the information on pages 10 and 11 and be prepared to discuss the following …

High School Intro to Credit Cards – Credit Cards | Compare The …

This program was designed with high school students in mind. It goes over everything you need to know before you … Most credit card companies will offer several ways to make payments. You could: – Pay online – Pay over the phone – Pay through the mail – Pay at a store or bank – Pay with another card (through a balance transfer) – Pay through an auto-debit (where the …

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Lesson Five Credit Cards – Practical Money Skills credit cards student activity key 5-2 A credit card statement provides information such as how and when you’ve used your credit card, how much you owe, how much interest you’re paying to use the card, how much your minimum payment is, and how much credit you have left. Knowing how to read your credit card statement can also help you …

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Should high school graduates get a credit card?

lot of high school graduates avoid getting a credit card because they don’t want to be in debt. Having a credit card doesn’t mean that you’re going to ruin your credit and owe a bunch of money to someone. In fact, credit cards can actually improve your credit score. You just have to know how to manage them correctly.

What are our rights when we apply for and use credit cards?

Various federal laws protect our rights as we apply for and use credit cards, such as procedures for disputes and protection from card theft and fraud. In this lesson, students will also be given an opportunity to analyze the information contained on a credit card statement.

Why is it important to use credit cards wisely?

From renting a car to reserving an airline ticket or hotel room, credit cards have become a necessary convenience. However, using credit wisely is critical to building a solid credit history and maintaining fiscal fitness.

What is credit card simulator?

Credit Card Simulator. This credit card game is a great and fun tool to teach you how not to spend money on unnecessary expenses. Choose from a Platinum, Gold or Plus card, each with their own interest rates and expense limits, before being taken to an online store full of tantalizing items available for purchase,…

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