Citicards Reviews and Rankings

Citicards Reviews and Rankings

Below, we’ll review the most popular Credit cards that are branded by Citi (Citicards) and provide brief reviews of each card in order to help decide which (if you have) is best for you. It is important to note that we have listed the secured and student Citi cards towards the bottom of the list in an additional section, since they’re only intended for specific categories of cardholders. We haven’t included any co-brand cards from Citibank like those issued by the Costco credit cards or the cards issued by American Airlines. Citicards Reviews 

Citicards Reviews and Rankings

Citi Double Cash Card The most popular Citicard provides you with cashback of 2% on every purchase you make however, you receive the 2% in a different way that is 1% cash back on the day you purchase, then one cent cash back once you’ve paid off your purchases. There is no annual fee. Who is it for: If you are looking for a cash-back card that doesn’t need you to track the various categories of spending in order to maximize your returns begin with this page.

Citi Prestige Card 

Citi Prestige Card It is Citi’s top-of-the-line travel credit card. That means it has a very high annual cost, but it also comes with a lot of benefits. The annual fee is $495 but the benefits include a travel credit of $250 every year, access more than 1,000 lounges at airports as well as a fourth night free hotel room when you make four consecutive nights in an identical hotel as well as other. Additionally, you earn ThankYou points. You earn 5 points per dollar for meals and travel as well as three points for every dollar on hotel and cruise line and 1 point for every dollar spent for everything else. There is a 50,000-point reward opportunity to new customers. Who it’s for: Anyone that is able to take advantage of the free 4th night and the $250 travel credit could be interested in this card, particularly with the generous points you earn on dining and travel. If you aren’t able to avail the benefit of the fourth night for free or use all your travel credit, the annual cost of the card will not be worth the cost.

Citi Prestige Card 

Citi Premier Card The rewards card is an hybrid card, offering the idea of travel, however, it also offers a variety of rewards for the general people who want to earn rewards. It charges an annual fee of $95 and tries to justify the annual fee by offering a higher level of points earning as well as a dazzling new bonus for cardholders. The card offers 3 points per dollar on travel-related purchases as well as gas station purchases. 2 points for every dollar spent on food and entertainment and 1 point on all other transactions. The bonus is 60, 000 points that could amount to $750 when you redeem those points on the Citi ThankYou traveling portal. (All points earned with this card receive an increase of 25% when applied to travel this manner.) Who is it for: If you often spend a lot of money on gas and travel specifically, and the reward of 25% points for travel redemptions appeals to youthen the card will make sense. Otherwise, opt for no-annual-fee cards.

Citi Rewardsand Card 

Citi Rewardsand Card – This annual-fee-free card gives you 2 points per dollar in gas and supermarkets. stations, and 1 point for every dollar elsewhere. The rewards are small, but they get increased in two ways. The first is that the card rounds each purchase to the closest 10 points, which will offer a few extra points in reward points. This is particularly beneficial for purchases that are smaller. (For instance that a cup of coffee will bring you 10 points instead of three.) The additional points bonus comes because you will receive 10% of points you redeem refunded to you on the upmost 100,000 points that you redeem each year. However, the card will be able to compete with the majority of the best reward cards available as these round-ups and point rebates make it difficult to know the exact amount you’re going to receive in terms of rewards. What’s it for: If you have a large number of purchases that are less than $10 it is possible to justify the card, however, it’s not easy to build a convincing case for it.

Citi Simplicity Card

Citi Simplicity Card The no-annual-fee Citi card can be fraudulent, so you should be cautious. It provides an interest-free rate of 0% on purchases for 12 consecutive months, and a zero percent rate on balances that you transfer to different credit card over 21 month. But, there are two main caveats to consider in relation to transfers of balances are concerned. The first is that you must pay an annual fee of 5percent of the amount of the balance that is transferred to this card that is a significant charge when compared to the majority other credit cards in the companies. In addition, if you transfer a balance in order to receive the 21 months of zero-interest rate, make certain not to make any new purchases following the first 12 months. If you do that 0% discount in essence is gone and you’ll be paying interest on the transfer balance.

This card’s “Simplicity” branding on this card is not referring to the non-simple balance-transfer rule, but rather refers to the fact there aren’t any fees for late payments on your card as well as there’s no “penalty rate” if you are in a hurry to pay, as well. There are no rewards on this card. Who is it for: If you require transferring a balance with a 0% charge, this offer of 21 months is among the top on the market. If you’re prone of paying your bills in a couple of days behind it won’t cost you more.

Citi Diamond Preferred Card

Citi Diamond Preferred Card The card is basically the exact identical to the Simplicity card with regards to its interest-free rate of 0% when you transfer balances for 21 month and the 0% rate for any new purchase made for twelve month, with the same restrictions (5 percent balance transfer fee and a deceitful balance transfer promotion that begins with a 12 month interest charge, if you make a purchase using this card). The only difference is that you may have a lower interest rate on this card, but you will not be penalized for late payments , as Simplicity. Simplicity card. There is no annual fee. There are no Rewards. Who it’s for: Hard to describe, actually. It’s too much like that of the Simplicity card.

Others Citi credit card:

Citi Secured MasterCard 

Citi Secured MasterCard – This credit card is designed for people who wish to establish credit histories. If you’ve been denied other credit cards due to a lack of credit history or a limited credit score, getting a credit card like this can help. It is necessary to make an amount of security to obtain the card. You then get a credit limit equivalent to the deposit. (Example of a $500 deposit equals 500 credit line of the card.) The card is used just like every other card and you make monthly payments to your bills. As time passes, this may assist you in building credit, if you can make your payments punctually. There is no annual cost This is a plus since some secured cards have annual charges. Be aware that the security deposit will be returned in the event that you do not want the card, as long as you’ve paid off the balance on the card in total. Who it’s for: People who require a stronger credit rating to get accepted for normal, unsecure credit cards.

Citi Rewards+ Student Card 

Citi Rewards+ Student Card We are not awestruck by the standard Citi Rewards+ Card that is designed for the non-students, we love more the rewards+ Student Card a lot more since it compares very well with other student credit cards. (There are a limited number of cards designed specifically intended for the needs of students.) It provides 2 points per dollar in gas stations and supermarkets, and 1 point for every dollar else. Its “round up” feature gives you an extra bonus points by making each transaction round to the nearest 10 points. This makes this card ideal for small purchases. (For instance the purchase of a $3 cup coffee could earn 10,010 points.) There’s no annual cost. Who is it for: College students, who typically don’t be approved as a candidate for “regular” credit cards but are able to be approved for student cards with less options.

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