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DollarTreeFeedback is an official DOLLAR TREE FEEDBACK SURVEY which allows customers from a Dollar Tree stores to share their experience, feedback, complaints and reviews. Taking Dollar Tree Feedback Customer Survey will offer users a free entry in the Dollar Tree Survey Sweepstakes which offers a chance to win $1,000 cash daily or $500 cash weekly.… Read More »

CVS Pharmacy Survey- CVS Customer Satisfaction Survey Guest Feedback (cvs-survey/ff cvs-survey/sss)

CVS SURVEY | Win $1000 Cash by CVS Pharmacy Survey CVS SURVEY allows the CVS users to take CVS Pharmacy Survey at The customer satisfaction survey offers a chance to win CVS customer survey sweepstakes worth $1000 Cash. Users receive an entry in the sweepstakes once they complete a survey. Now if you have visited the CVS… Read More » Survey to win $100 Giftcard

TellGameStop is the official GAMESTOP SURVEY which allows the GameStop users to take the survey and chance to Win $100 GameStop Gift Card at Users receive the entry in the $100 gift card sweepstakes at the end of the survey. Now, if you have visited the GameStop store outlets recently and have your receipt,… Read More »

Walgreens Listens WALGREENS SURVEY Customer Satisfaction Feedback

Walgreens Listens and are the WALGREENS SURVEY portal which allows the Walgreens store user and customers to share their visit experience. The survey offers a sweepstakes entry in the grand prize worth $3000 Cash. Isn’t it just great to get 3000 bucks for just feedback? Walgreens Listens | Walgreens Customer Satisfaction Survey Users just… Read More » BELK SURVEY is an official BELK SURVEY portal. This allows the users and customers of the Belk stores to share their experience in the form of feedback. There is a surprise for you once you complete the Belk Customer Survey. BelkSurvey offers an entry in the Belk Sweepstakes worth $500 Belk Gift Card. Isn’t is just… Read More »

TellBAM Survey [Books-A-Million Survey]

TellBAM is an official Books-A-Million Survey which allows the customers and users from Books-A-Million stores to give their feedback, reviews and customer satisfaction. Taking TellBAM Survey awards plenty of free prizes to the users upon completion of the survey. Books-A-Million Customer Survey offers many free prizes including Books-A-Million Free Coupon and free entry in the Books-A-Million Survey Sweepstakes worth $1,000 and $1,500 Cash.… Read More » [Firestone Survey] is an official survey portal for FIRESTONE SURVEY which allows the users and customers from the Firestone stores to share their visit experience. Users are allowed to share feedback, complaints, reviews, and satisfaction. Firestone Customer Survey can give you a chance to win Firestone Sweepstakes worth $500 Firestone Gift Card. Now, if you are interested in taking Firestone feedback survey and take your… Read More » | PUBLIX Customer Satisfaction Survey to Win $1,000 Gift Card

PUBLIX SURVEY at allows Publix users to win $1000 PUBLIX Gift Card by just giving feedback at the survey. After completing the PublixSurvey, users are offered to win Publix Rewards by entering the Publix Sweepstakes and get Publix gift card worth $1000. What would be better than winning the 1,000 bucks gift card just for an opinion? Customer Satisfaction Survey to Win $1,000… Read More »

Safeway Survey- Win $100 Safeway Gift Card

SafewaySurvey is the official Safeway Survey held by Safeway retailers at $100 Safeway Gift Card is offered to the survey takers at the end of the survey as sweepstakes. Users will receive the entry in the Safeway sweepstakes worth $100 gift card at the end of the survey. As gift prize is huge, there are plenty… Read More »


KOHLSLISTENS is an official KOHL’S SURVEY which allows the users and customers of the Kohl’s stores to share their visit experience. is an official KohlsListens Survey portal where the users can share their experience, feedback, reviews, and complaints. KOHLS LISTENS SURVEY offers a free Kohl’s Coupon Code or Validation Code worth 10% off | Discount. Now, if you had visited Kohl’s stores recently… Read More »