The Best Motivational Movies Of All Time-2021

Best Motivational Movies

Best Motivational Movies What films inspire you to take action and take action? This isn’t just about amazing stories of people who have overcome many odds, but films that inspire you to act now! Here’s our list of the seven most inspirational films that have ever been made:


Rocky There’s a reason that people continue to run through on the stairs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, pretending to be Rocky 40years later. Even if you don’t like boxing, the notion of putting your all into it to fight on a stage that no one thinks that you stand a chance is incredibly exhilarating. After you’ve completed Rocky and you’re ready to take the steps to start becoming a superstar.Best Motivational Movies

The Shawshank Redemption

The Shawshank Redemption – Even when you are literally trapped, never stop looking for a way out. Tim Robbins stars as a man sent to jail for a crime he didn’t commit, who then becomes rather valuable to a corrupt warden. Morgan Freeman is Robbins’ jailhouse friend (and movie narrator) in a memorable role Best Motivational Movies.

The Pursuit of Happyness

The pursuit of Happiness If you’re barely scraping by in terms of money, it’s not long to get your life off track. In this film, Will Smith plays Chris Gardner who becomes homeless while taking care of his son Best Motivational Movies of five years after a series of accidents. Gardner decides to take a huge risk in a contest for an intern unpaid against 20 other people in hopes of getting a fresh start in an investment firm. This movie might provide the inspiration you’ll need to persevere when things appear desperate.


Flashdance Exotic dancer/welder is aspiring to become a ballet dancer. can she be successful? The classic story of an underdog that follows a person who doesn’t have the typical credentials attempts to make it big time in spite of every obstacle. The title track by Irena Cara is a great way to increase the positive feeling. The music is totally ’80s-inspired in a positive way.

Men of Honor

Men of Honor Men of Honor Cuba Gooding, Jr. is Carl Brashear, the first African-American U.S. Navy diver, who overcame the prejudice inherent to such a mission during the 50s. Best Motivational Movies  Robert De Niro plays the diving instructor who is responsible for making sure that Brashear isn’t able to achieve his goals. Brashear persists and is then faced with an entirely new challenge that needs the assistance of his former instructor. Although the film takes a few liberties with the story of Brashear, his actual life was inspiring on its own.

Breaking Away

Breaking Away – This 1979 movie takes the poor-kids-vs.-rich-kids story into the world of cycling. In this instance, the kids who are poor are the town’s “cutters” who get looked down upon by the college guys. Best Motivational Movies  It’s not surprising that cycling races between the two groups create the most dramatic drama in the film. As with many of the best motivational films you’re rooting for the weaker side here. The great cast includes a young Dennis Quaid.


unbroken The story of Louis Zamperini is unbelievable that you think it could not be real. A former Olympic runner prior to 20 years old, Zamperini later served during World War II, where his plane crashes, Best Motivational Movies and he’s one of three survivors of 11. Along with the other survivors, they spent 47 days on an inflatable life raft in the sea (one of the three perished during this time) and they are taken captive and beaten by the Japanese and then tortured as their prisoner of war. A great survival story. The film is long, at more than two and a half hours, but Zamperini’s story will inspire you to maximize your time. (BTW that he lived to be 97 years old.)

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