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Benihana Menu Prices Information

Below is the complete Benihana(r) menu with prices. Benihana serves Japanese Hibachi grill dishes along with Sushi as well as Sashimi in a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere.

Benihana is a fantastic spot for any occasion. Food is served in the Hibachi grill where the chef cooks your food to be ordered in a way that is entertaining and delicious! The perfect place for a family trip or a night out with friends.

Benihana Menu With Prices

Benihana’s menu Benihana is enormous, which is why we’ve got some suggestions below, along with the full menu and costs.


Benihana Entrees Menu 2021

Steak And Chicken

Filet Mignon $26.25
Teriyaki Steak $23.00
Imperial Steak $35.80
Hibachi Lemon Chicken $19.25
Teriyaki Chicken $19.50
Hibachi Steak $23.00
Hibachi Chateaubriand $33.50
Hibachi Chicken $19.25
Spicy Hibachi Chicken $19.90

Benihana Seafood Menu

Colossal Shrimp $26.60
Hibachi Shrimp $24.20
Hibachi Tuna Steak $23.75
Hibachi Scallops $25.00
Ocean Treasure $42.00
Colossal Mango Shrimp $26.20
Salmon Tsutsumi-Yaki $23.50
Surf Side $32.00
Twin Lobster Tails $42.00

Benihana Specialties Menu 

Rocky’s Choice $27.25
Benihana Delight $27.50
Splash ‘N Meadow $28.50
Land ‘N Sea $33.00
Benihana Trio $36.40
Benihana Excellence $28.00
Samurai Treat $33.40
Benihana Special $38.75
Deluxe Treat $39.75
Hibachi Supreme $46.00

Benihana Salad & Vegetables

Garden Delight $16.25
Noodles & Tofu
Seafood Diablo $23.00
Spicy Tofu Steak $17.50
Yakisoba $19.00

Benihana Specialty Sushi Rolls

Vegetable Roll $5.00
California Roll $6.00
Spicy Tuna Roll $7.25
Las Vegas Roll $8.00
Rainbow Roll $11.50
Spider Roll $11.50
Caterpillar Roll $11.50
Alaskan Roll $11.50
Benihana Roll $5.75
Salmon Skin Roll $5.75
Philadelphia Roll $7.25
Shrimp Crunchy Roll $9.00
Dragon Roll $11.50
Shrimp Lover’s Roll $11.25
Boston Roll $11.50
Sumo Roll $12.75

Benihana Sashimi / Sushi

Albacore Tuna* Per Piece $2.50
Crab Stick $2.25
Eel $2.75
Egg $2.25
Halibut* $2.75
Izumidai – Tilapia* $2.50
Mackerel* $2.25
Marinated Salmon* $2.75
Octopus $2.50
Salmon* $2.75
Shrimp $2.25
Smelt Roe* $2.25
Squid* $2.25
Surf Clam* $2.50
Tuna* $2.75
Yellowtail* $2.75

Rolls And Hand Rolls (HR)

Eel Roll $7.50
Cucumber Roll $4.25
Salmon Roll* $4.75
Shrimp Tempura Roll $8.00
Tuna Roll* $5.50
Yellowtail Roll* $4.75
California HR $4.50
Eel HR $4.25
Cucumber HR $4.25
Salmon Skin HR $4.50
Shrimp Tempura HR $4.50
Tuna HR* $4.25
Philadelphia HR* $4.50
Spicy Tuna HR* $4.50
Spider HR $4.50

Sushi Entrees

Sushi Combination* $15.45
Sashimi Combination With Rice $22.00
Sushi Combination Deluxe* $20.75
Sushi/Sashimi Combination* With Rice $25.45
Endless Sushi* Per person $29.00

Side Orders

Edamame $4.75
Benihana Onion Soup $3.25
Miso Soup $3.25
Benihana Salad $3.25
Seaweed Salad $4.25
Vegetable Tempura $6.50
Calamari Tempura $8.00
Shrimp Tempura $8.75
Scallop Tempura $8.75
Tuna Tataki $11.00
Hibachi Chicken Rice $3.50
Beef Sashimi $8.25
Steamed Rice $1.00
Brown Rice $2.15
Sushi Sampler* $8.00
Sashimi Sampler* $8.00
Calamari Sauté $8.00
Shrimp Sauté $9.00
Scallop Sauté $9.00
Soft Shell Crab $10.75
Spicy Seafood Soup $10.00
Strawberry-Pomegranate $8.50
Green Tea-Passion Fruit
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Established with Hiroaki “Rocky” Aoki in 1964, the first Benihana location was on West 56th Street in New York City The restaurant was named by the owner the establishment Benihana of Tokyo to honor the coffee shop that his grandparents owned and operated at Tokyo, Japan. 

His idea was to serve guests delicious Japanese meals that are cooked in a theatrical manner by skilled chefs while swiping knives, telling jokes, and cooking food on a teppanyaki table. 

The restaurant was initially a failure because the customers did not appreciate the concept that food was cooked in front of them until a glowing review by a food critic transformed the way the restaurant operated.

What They’re Famous For?

If you’ve been to one of the Benihana establishments, you might have spotted the famous Tiki Mugs, also known as Hotei, and served with exotic cocktails. 

Apart from the mugs, Benihana is most well-known for its pioneering role in the field of restaurant that has pioneered new concepts such as (1) making use of the traditional Japanese cooking techniques to American ingredients such as steak, chicken as well as seafood; and (2) introduction of the concept of communal dining that allows diners to gather around a teppanyaki grill, watch the chef’s own cooking demonstration, and then savor the food directly from the grill.

 Indeed, you’re part of a tradition that has produced the world record for the longest-running dinner show as well as a current food culture that can be passed on to your kids. There is also a meal and a show!

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Why Eat Here?

In addition to the excellent price for the money due to the affordable Benihana prices, there are numerous reasons to eat there, such as:

  • Delicious food is prepared with garden-fresh vegetables, premium cuts of meat, as well as seafood caught on the day, and dishes that are prepared with elegance and served hot. the sauces that accompany it are a culinary pleasure in and of themselves
  • Chefs who entertain who has the perfect mix of experience with knives as well as experience with Japanese food, and charisma with customers.
  • Professional, courteous, and friendly servers
  • A casual atmosphere with a modern Asian theme, characterized by warm lighting, plenty of seating, and well-maintained facilities

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Benihana Contact Information

Benihana Corporate Office Address- 21500 Biscayne Blvd #900, Aventura, FL 33180, USA

Benihana Corporate Phone Number- 305238-2131

You can also contact the team of Benihana by using the contact form on their website.

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How much is a 5-course meal at Benihana?
Benihana Menu Prices
Item Price
5-course meals served with Benihana Onion Soup, Benihana Salad, Hibachi Shrimp Appetizer, Hibachi Vegetables, Homemade Dipping Sauces, Steamed Rice, and Japanese Hot Green Tea.
Filet Mignon $25.50
Teriyaki Chicken $18.75
Spicy Hibachi Chicken $19.25
What is the best thing to order at Benihana?
The Best and Worst Foods on the Benihana Menu
  • Hibachi Chicken.
  • Seaweed Salad.
  • Vegetable Tempura.
  • Hibachi Chicken Rice.
  • Spicy Fried Rice with Chicken.
  • Chili Shrimp Roll.
  • Seafood Diablo.
  • Spicy Tofu Steak.
What is the cost of Benihana?

When cooking, impressive Teppanyaki chefs entertain guests with their impressive knife skills and cooking techniques. However, the menu prices at Benihana are more expensive as compared to a typical restaurant. It is possible to get an adequate meal for around $15 at Benihana for approximately $15.
What’s special about Benihana?

The food it serves has been criticized as not tasting anything like Japanese cuisine. However, Benihana was the concept restaurant that first opened American palates Asian flavours, opening to the growth of omakase-themed counters, Korean barbecues, hot pot chains, and even bubble tea shops all across the US.
What is the process for Benihana’s order?

Every customer will be served an dish from the menu, and then watch it being prepared typically while enjoying an appetizer, such as Salad or soup.  In general it is the case that all the noodles or rice for the dinner table will be cooked before being cooked and served to guests to enjoy while the meat and veggies are being cooked.

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