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There Bareburger Menu is reports of fast-food establishments that use frozen beef patties, vegetables that are not organic, as well as other ingredients that are laced with chemicals and ingredients, the American public is naturally concerned about what they eat! 

The arrival of burger-centric eateries serving burgers made from fresh, organic, and healthy ingredients is an exciting development.

It is the Bareburger Restaurant chain a loved establishment that has made its mark in the fast-paced food business. 

Bareburger Menu With Prices

There, you can see that chefs deliver on the assurance that the burgers, as well as other dishes that are served, are as natural as possible!

Below is the most up-to-date Bareburger price list.



Banana Foster Milkshake $9.64
Mint Cookies N’ Cream Milkshake $9.99
Mix Your Flavors Milkshake $7.95

Top Menu Items

The Standard Burger $11.95
The Original $13.98


American $11.90
American Burger $11.99
Standard Burger $11.80
Standard $11.81
Supreme Burger $14.79
Farmstead Burger $10.96
The Duke Burger $15.99
El Matador $13.96
El Matador Burger $13.91
Flamin’ Bacon $13.87
Buckaroo Burger $14.94
Guadalupe Burger $10.99
Socal Burger $12.99
So Cal Burger $12.72
Flamin Bacon Burger $13.97
Flamin’ Bacon Burger $13.97
Paul Bunyan $15.87
The Duke $15.98
Paul Bunyan Burger $15.97
Wake Up Call $13.98
Golden State $13.98
So Cal $12.33
The Duchess $14.98
Big Bopper $14.98
The Rambler $10.98

Vegan Burgers

The Duchess Burger $14.99
Wake Up Call Burger $13.99
Golden State Burger $13.99
The Original Burger $13.99
Big Bopper Burger $14.99
The Rambler Burger $10.99
Farmstead $11.16
Guadalupe $11.07

Popular Items

Our beef is the perfect blend of organic breast, organic chuck and short rib! We just increased our beef, bison & turkey patty by ~40%!
Be My Burger $10.84
Buttermilk Buffalo $11.69
Rings & Fries $9.90
Buckaroo $14.95
Supreme $14.29


Panko Chicken Tenders $11.84
French Fries $6.76
Buttermilk Chicken Bites $9.99
Rings and Fries $9.99
Cauliflower Bites $10.99
Chicken Fingers $11.99
Sweet Fries $8.95
Onion Rings $9.94
Macho Fries $11.98
Fundido Fries $9.98

Vegan Shares

French Fries Vegan $6.99
Crispy Brussels Sprouts $9.99
Sweet Fries Vegan $8.99
Scott’s Waffles $11.99


Entree Guapo Chop $11.99
Guapo Chop Salad $6.95
Kail Caesar $5.99
The Hudson Salad $6.99
Entree Hudson $11.99
Bare Caesar Salad $5.99
Hudson $6.86
Cali Fresh $6.60
Entree Bare Caesar $10.99
Side Guapo Chop $6.99
Cali Fresh Salad $6.99
Guapo Chop $6.19
Side Hudson $6.99
Berry Blue $6.15
El Catrin $6.85
Side Bare Caesar $5.99


Side French Fries $4.21
Side Sweet Fries $5.92
Side Rings and Fries $5.99
Side Onion Rings $5.96
Waffle Fries $5.69
Dill Pickles $3.80
Side Dill Pickles $3.99
Side Rings and Sweet Fries $6.99
Baby Green Salad $4.83
Side Baby Green Salad $4.99
Sweet Pickles $3.97
Side Sweet Pickles $3.99
Side Sweet and Regular Fries $5.99
Chips & Guac $3.98
Side Waffle Fries $3.99
Chips and Guac $3.99

Local Bareburger

Impossible Burger $14.59


Buttermilk Buffalo Sandwich $12.85
Triple Decker BLT $13.98
California BLT Sandwich $13.94
Santa Fe $11.88
Santa Fe Sandwich $11.99
Spicy Ranch $13.88
Spicy Ranch Sandwich $13.99
Impossible Melt $13.99
Penn Station $10.98
Mission Viejo $11.98
The Berk $11.98

Vegan Greens

Entree El Catrin $11.06
Entree Cali Fresh $11.99
Side El Catrin $6.99
Side Cali Fresh $6.99


20 oz. Soda $3.50

Vegan Sandwiches

Penn Station Sandwich $10.99
Mission Viejo Sandwich $11.99
The Berk Sandwich $11.99

Cubby Meals

Grizzly $8.98
Koala $8.98
Kid’s Koala Cubby Meal $8.99
Panda $8.98
Kid’s Kodiak Cubby Meal $8.99
Kid’s Teddy Cubby Meal $10.99
Kid’s Polar Cubby Meal $8.99
Kid’s Panda Cubby Meal $8.99
Kid’s Grizzly Cubby Meal $8.99

Vegan Cubby Meals

Kodiak $8.98
Teddy $10.98
Polar $8.98

Vegan Sides

Side French Fries Vegan $3.99
Side Sweet Fries Vegan $5.99
Side Sweet and Fries $5.99
Side Waffle Fries Vegan $3.99
Side Dill Pickles Vegan $3.99
Side Baby Green Salad Vegan $4.99
Side Sweet Pickles Vegan $3.99

Milk Shakes

BYO Shake $7.99
Banana Foster $9.99

Vegan Milkshakes

BYO Shake Vegan $7.99
Mint Chocolate Cookies and Cream $9.99


Iced Teas $3.99
Organic Lemonades $3.92
Sodas $3.97
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Inspired by his need to eat humanely treated animals and pure foods that are comforting, Euripedes Pelekanos founded Bareburger in Astoria, New York City in 2009.

Since the beginning, it has developed to become a successful franchise, with 39 outlets across the country. Bareburger won a nod in the 2015 Hot Concept Awards by Nation’s Restaurant News.


The atmosphere is organic with warm, rustic wood interiors that convey the feeling of an old farmhouse or barn. There’s plenty of comfy seats.

The restaurant’s Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger provide a plant-based meat option. The menu items such as the collard green wraps have a great flavor.

Try your hand at their French fries and burgers, served with various dip sauces. For those who love meat, they will love their Blazin’ Bison burger is an absolute must-try.

The waiting time is contingent on the restaurant, however, it’s pretty standard across the majority of restaurants. The staff are friendly and will make your dining experience more enjoyable.

Bareburger Contact

Contact Number: +1-516-441-7895

Email: [email protected]

Headquarters: Long Island City, NY

Contact Us Page: (where customers can get their complaints registered or earn their reward points)



Bareburger has a broad selection of food items on its menu which includes salads and burgers. The thing that sets this restaurant apart from others is its dedication to serving healthy meals to its customers. They also say to they aren’t an ordinary fast food place. The restaurant has also expanded its outlets in cities such as Columbus ave, Chelsea, and Morriston.

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