If you got the Barclay Credit Cards but still you have not activated the cards. You face some problem how To Activate Barclay Credit Card? But I will assure you that problem regarding Activate credit cards will be solved. You must read this article till the end.

Before we started about Card Activation I want to inform you some benefit of Barclay’s credit card is very useful there are many advantages just like easy to payment and purchase and many cashback offers and rewards point etc.

For activate, the Barclay Credit Cards user has two ways to activate Barclay’s Credit Cards over online or phone number.

  1. To Activate Barclay’s Credit Card online.
  2. To Activate Barclay’s Credit Card on phone call.

I will discuss with you both ways in details. Before we go to the process you need the document on your hand card, personal identity. The cards will be activating it within few minutes.

To Activate Barclay’s Credit Card online

There are simple four steps to Activate Barclay’s, Credit Card. the user needs to only follow the entire steps.

Step1.  you need to go to the official site please click here

The following site will be shown.



Step2. The user needs to log in the site. Username or id number and Passcode.

Step3. Go to top menu Credit Cards Activation. Then next step pop up will be open it and One Time Password (OTP) will be generated then enter on pop up and submitted.

Step4. Enter the card number 16 digit number. Barclay card number and expiry date.

Step5. Submit it. Then your cards will be activating soon.

If you face any problem regarding activate the cards than you can also use another method.

To activate Barclay’s Credit Card on phone call:

This is a very simple process to activate your barley credit card activation. Please follow the entire steps.

  Before you call the customer care executive you have some document near you.

  1. Your Barclay’s cards
  2. Your document whose you submitted.
  1. Now dial Barley’s Credit Card customer care number. The number is shown here: – 00-44-24-7684-2100.
  2. You simply tell the customer executive Activate your Barclay’s Credit cards.
  3. Please follow the command of customer executive given to you. Just like your personal data, card number etc.
  4. Congratulation, your card will be activated.

If you find any problem regarding the card activation then please comment to us. And Never Give your card to anybody for security purpose and if your card will be misplaced then call and deactivate the card.


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