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American Revolution Trading Cards

American Revolution Trading Cards Front of Card: Picture: Name: Nickname: Position: example for Samuel Adams: Founder of the Sonʼs of Liberty Back of Card: Biographical Statistics (date of birth/death, location of … significance on the American Revolution (include 5-10 facts in this section). – Trading cards should be made in Pages or Keynote. – When finished …

American Revolution Trading Cards Project – Red Hook Central …

Create your own set of five (5) American Revolution Trading Cards. Using the People, Events, and Battles listed, you are to research and design your own series of five (5) trading cards. Your cards should be similar to actual trading cards. Format: 1. The trading card itself should be made from an index card or anything else that is sturdy.

American Revolution Trading Card Project

Student will identify 1 player in the American Revolution that has not received notoriety and create a trading card. Each trading card will be 2 x 3. The front should have a picture of the patriot, date of birth (age), and the colony they represented. The back of the card will list the player’s contribution to the American Revolution. Once students’ trading cards are prepared, …

american revolution trading cards by Natalie Baltazar

06/12/2012  · AMERICAN REVOLUTION TRADING CARD!! SAMUEL ADAMS Samuel Adams was an american statesman potiltican philosopher and one of the founding father of United States!! Info Born= September 27, 1722 BOSTIN Died= October 2, 1803 BOSTON WIfe= Elizabet Checkley Party: Democratic Republican

HIST 192: American Revolution Trading Cards

Your assignment is to create your own set of American Revolution Trading Cards. Using the names, events, and battles listed below, you are to research and design your own series of cards. You will be doing most of the research from encyclopedias, anthologies, and other resources. You must choose TEN PEOPLE and FIVE BATTLES: a total of 15 cards.

Teaching star students: American Revolution – Trading Cards

05/02/2013  · American Revolution – Trading Cards. This year we tried a new project for the American Revolution, trading cards. That is right, just like baseball cards but each card is focused on one topic from the American Revolution. Each student was given 6 cards and a few directions to go with the cards. The parent letter, directions and template is below.

Redcoats Trading Card | Worksheet |

Activity types. All. Worksheets. Games. Guided Lessons. Lesson Plans. Grade level. All. … Read up on some important faces of the American Revolution with this trading card. Don’t forget to fill out the "specs" of this character to see how the Redcoats compare to the other players in the American Revolution. Be sure to collect all of our Historical Figure Trading Cards! …

Paul Revere Trading Card | Worksheet |

Paul Revere Trading Card. Share this worksheet. Did you know that Paul Revere was actually a silversmith? Read a bit more about this famous figure of the American Revolution! Fill out his character’s "specs" to show what role he played in establishing our country’s freedom. Be sure to collect all of our Historical Figure Trading Cards!

Easy Simulations: American Revolution © Renay Scott, …

elcome to Easy Simulations: American Revolution. Using simulations in the classroom is one of the most powerful teaching methods you can choose . Students learn most when they see a purpose to an activity, are engaged in the learning process, and are having fun . Children love to role-play, and they do it naturally .

The American Revolution: Step-by-Step Activities to Engage …

The American Revolution: Step-by-Step Activities to Engage Children in Why the American Colonists Went to War Against Great Britain, including the Struggles of the Colonists, a Reader’s Theater, Timelines, and More! … Materials needed: a copy of the Timeline Event Cards (Handout #1.1, page 9) cut into strips; for each pair of students, a copy of multiple print sources …

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