Activate Your NET10 Phone

Activate Your NET10 Phone

Activate Your NET10 Phone NET10 is a prepaid, pay-as-you-go wireless phone service. It doesn’t require activation fees, credit checks, or long-term contracts. You can text and call unlimited. It also offers nationwide web access and is the most flexible cell phone service. NET10, a brand of TracFone Wireless Inc. is also powered by one of the most prominent cell phone providers in the nation.

You can activate your NET10 plan by clicking this link – Let’s look at this blog to learn how you activate your NET10 phone.

Your NET10 Phone

3 Methods to Activate Your Net10 Phone –

After selecting the product that you wish to activate, visit the link and activate the device.

  • NET10 Telephone
  • Bring your own tablet or phone
  • NET10 Home Phone
  • NET10 Hotspot

A NET10 phone is a must-have. You can also keep your current device if you don’t already have one. Only a SIM card is required before activating your device.Activate Your NET10 Phone

  • Purchase a SIM: Is the phone compatible with NET10 Is your phone compatible with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile? After you’re certain that your phone will work, choose your preferred SIM.
  • Install the SIM If you want to keep your phone, take out the existing SIM and get a brand new one. The SIM’s location will differ by model. Take out the current SIM and replace it with the new one. Move on to the next step. Activate your SIM
  • Activate your SIM: Call 1-877-836-2368 to activate your SIM. Keep your SIM card packaging, service card, and phone handy.

Let’s start the activation process. What you will learn:

  • How to activate your smartphone
  • How to add airtime on your new phone
  • How to keep your phone activated

Step by step instructions

  1. How to Activate your Phone There are two options to activate your NET10 phone: by calling NET10 from a Landline Number or online.
  • Click this link (
  • Next, you will need to select the tab Activate (at the top)
  • To reach your landline phone, dial 1-877-836-2368
  1. Add Airtime to Your Phone: Check the following options to add more airtime.
  • Airtime can be purchased at authorized retailers such as Walmart, Dollar General Store Target, Safeway Radio Shack, Safeway, and Tom Thumb.Activate Your NET10 Phone

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  1. Keep Your Phone Active. You need to make sure your service is up-to-date in order to keep your phone alive. This will prevent your phone from being deactivated. Add airtime to your service before it ends.
  • You can extend your service for as little as 30 days by purchasing minutes. It depends on which airtime package you have.

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