How to Install and Activate PlayStation Vue on Roku?

How to Install and Activate PlayStation Vue on Roku?

Activate PlayStationThere’s an abundance of high-quality over-the-top TV channels that are compatible with Roku TV. PlayStation Vue or PS Vue is the most well-known streaming service that is subscription-based. With Roku compatibility, you are able to enjoy live TV and films. PlayStation Vue can be accessed without the need for a satellite or cable subscription. One of the most notable features to be found in PlayStation Vue includes the support for multiple profiles. This means that users can access on-demand content or buy premium channels on their own. Additionally, users are also able to access additional channels that are available. To learn more regarding PlayStation Vue on Roku, you should read this article.Activate PlayStation

and Activate PlayStation

Features of PS Vue

The amazing and beneficial capabilities that are available in PlayStation Vue includes

  • PlayStation Vue users pay no fees. PlayStation Vue users need not pay any additional or hidden charges.
  • It can be used to support the major TV networks such as CNN, FOX, AMC, Cartoon Network, etc.
  • The interface of PlayStation Vue is more straightforward and user-friendly for anybody.
  • It supports up to 10 profiles and each profile is able to be customized with channels, DVR, and suggestions.


Is PlayStation Vue set to shut Down?

Yes. Sony has announced officially the end of PlayStation Vue. This means that it will not be available until the 30th of January, 2020 and you will not be able to use it on any platform, including Roku. The official announcement also states that PlayStation Vue is not accepting any new subscribers, and only existing subscribers have access to it until the end of the shutdown.Activate PlayStation

How to Add PlayStation Vue Channel on Roku?

The process of obtaining the PlayStation Vue Roku channel is very simple if you follow these steps as laid out at the end.

#1. The first step is to turn up the Roku player, and then press the home button on the remote.

#2. Select Highlight and choose the Streaming Channels menu on the left.Activate PlayStation

How to Activate PlayStation Vue on Roku?

If you’re planning to launch PlayStation Vue for the first time on Roku and you are not sure how to activate it, it is crucial to activating your device. Go to the website to find out the details about this.

#1. Start by opening the main screen on Roku and scroll down until you select PlayStation Vue.

#2. A code for activation will appear on the screen of your Roku streaming device. Make note of it.

#3. Visit using the laptop or phone browser.

#4. Give the PlayStation Vue sign-in credentials to sign in to your PlayStation Vue account.

#5. Enter the code shown on the screen to enable Roku PS Vue’s channel.

#6. After the Roku screen refreshes, the PlayStation Vue app will show the contents of the media.

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How to Update PS Vue Roku Channel

If you’d like to enjoy the most recent features of PlayStation Vue on Roku TV the app must be regularly updated.

#1. Select PlayStation Vue from the channels section and then press”*.

#2. 2. Press 2. Press the “Home” button located on the Roku remote.

#3. Scroll down until you’re able to find settings. Click it.

#4. Select Systems and then choose the System update.

#5. And finally, click the Check Now option to look to see if there are PlayStation Vue updates manually.

How to Cancel PS Vue Subscription on Roku?

If you want to end the PlayStation Vue subscription on Roku it is necessary to follow the steps below.

#1. Go to using the browser.

#2. Sign in to the account on your PlayStation Network account.

#3. Go to the Subscription Summary webpage, choose the VUE subscription.

#4. Hit to click the Cancel subscription button. When asked, choose Yes.

#5. You must complete the cancellation survey, then click to cancel your subscription at the end.

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